Actions for Organizations

Men have a pivotal role to play in creating inclusive workplaces. But too often they are missing from workplace diversity and inclusion efforts, or only peripherally involved.

Catalyst research indicates that senior leaders, D&I and HR teams, and talent management professionals can support men’s increasing engagement on these issues.

1. Make Men Part of the Solution
Implement a diversity and inclusion campaign that specifically targets men as part of the solution.

2. Include Wins for All Employees
Ensure the business case for change includes mutual wins and benefits for all employees. Explore and communicate what everyone—men included—gains in environments that are inclusive.

3. Invite Men to Learn
Invite men to educational opportunities that increase their awareness of gender bias.

4. Recognize Men's Individual Identities
Men have aspects of their identity beyond “maleness” and are able to relate to diversity and inclusion work through their own experiences with gender, race, sexuality, etc.

5. Make Male Champions Visible
Ensure that men are visibly recognized for solution-building in your organization—so other men have role models to follow.

6. Hold Men Accountable
Hold male leaders accountable for progress on diversity and inclusion by linking inclusive behaviors and D&I progress to outcomes such as performance reviews and annual bonuses or merit increases.

7. Establish Mentorship Programs
Catalyst research shows that men who have been mentored by women are more aware of gender bias than men who have not had this experience.

8. Invite Men to a Community
Invite men to join an ERG or develop an internal MARC community dedicated to exploring inclusive leadership and mutual benefit through gender partnership.

9. Iron Out Micro-Injustices
Create systems to ensure administrative tasks such as scheduling meetings or taking minutes are rotated among men and women rather than allowing them to be routinely delegated to women.

10. Encourage Paternity Leave
Provide paternity leave and encourage men to use it. Make sure your male senior leaders take it, so that both men and women will be encouraged to follow suit.

Tool PDF: Actions Organizations Can Take to Support Men's Engagement

Did You Know?

Research shows that when men are actively involved in gender diversity, 96% of companies report progress. When they're not, only 30% show progress.

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