For far too long, conversations about gender have been one-sided—primarily reflecting the perspectives of women. To be full partners with women in achieving gender equality, men need a space to consider what gender means in their own lives and the role they can play as advocates for change at work and beyond. This is what the MARC Blog is all about. What does it mean to be a man at work and in society? Does male privilege hurt men? What can men to do to change the workplace so that men and women have equal opportunities for advancement? MARC Bloggers will be taking on these key issues.

Who are the MARC bloggers? They include Amitabh KumarBill ProudmanGraeme RussellLars Einar EngströmMartin DavidsonMichael KimmelMichael Welp, and Noah Prince, with occasional contributions by Frank McCloskey and an array of guest writers.

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Conversations about gender are frequently one-sided and tend to focus on women’s perspectives. What does it mean to be a man at work and in society? In what ways does male culture effect both men and women? What can men to do to support change that benefits all?
MARC bloggers tackle topics like these—and more. But we also want to hear from you about the key issues you’d like us to address. Contact us if you have questions or if you are interested in writing for MARC.
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Welcome to the MARC community! It is great to have you on board and thanks for the conference info!
Hello Team - I just attended the "2015 Women's Conference" held in Boston, MA., where I learned about MARC. Today I became a member of this organization, and plan to do more in the very near future to support the advancement of Gender Diversity...! If you haven't attended this conference I suggest you do so next year, here is the URL WWW.MACONFERENCEFORWOM...
Thanks for sharing. It is sad that in today's world we need to have a government answer to what should be something all businesses now see as good for their top and bottom line. When a government steps in it is often due to the failing of those not in the government. We don't need to provide them an opening to insist we do the right thing. We should just do it.
I don't appreciate or allow victim thinking whenever I see it. That said, there are times when we must point out stereotypical behaviors. Recently I had a male leader bring in a female who works for him to present to my team. I know her personally and she is a highly competent person. As she presented her boss interrupted her multiple times. His points were go...
This blog by Bill Proudman is a powerful story that crystallizes what it means to be "the other." Thank you Bill for sharing this personal story with us and for the work you do to cast light on the fact that a gender-balanced world is not a zero sum game. Everyone wins when there's a level playing field.