Standing Up To Sexism

I'm a male feminist - I don't shy from the label.

As part of our new series, “MARC Stories,” MARC member Conrad Liveris explains why it’s important to take a stand against sexism inside and outside the workplace. Conrad, 20, is a student at The University of Notre Dame in Perth, Australia. A community advocate and operations analyst, Conrad works in management, marketing and policy roles. He tweets @ConradLiveris about gender equality and generational issues.

I'm a male feminist—I don't shy from the label.

There aren't many 20-year-olds that find gender an exciting topic to talk about, but letting men and women of all ages know that there is at least one young man committed to the cause has yielded interesting responses. Some of my biggest allies today are people who were originally opposed to what I had to say.

There’s nothing very controversial about a 20-year-old engaging with gender equity. I believe that men have a duty to reject all forms of sexism and gender discrimination. It’s our responsibility to stand up and stop sexism in its tracks.

Women in Australia earn less than men during their career. If a woman in your office earns less for doing the same work as do, speak up.

And when men witness an act of discrimination, we need to say “no.” We need to put that person on notice, make it clear to them that it isn’t OK. Off-hand sexist comments and outright bullying have no place at work. By taking a stand against offensive comments—either loudly in an open office setting or behind closed doors—men can lead change from the first day of their first job, all the way to when they are executives.

I've always been surrounded by strong women and I recognized from a young age that gender issues have an impact on men. Men who take action need to stand firm. The more we stand up, the more other men will realize that everyone has a role to play in creating gender equity because we all benefit. And in turn, even more men will take a stand.
Conrad Liveris

Posted by Mike Otterman on Feb 14, 2013 4:47 PM America/New_York


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