Why The Buzz About Canada's Prime Minister?

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By Cliff Leek. You may have noticed that the media is all aflutter about Canada’s Prime Minister. It seems that every time I turn to my Facebook newsfeed, there is another story about The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau.

So, why all the fuss?

Well, he appointed a cabinet that has equal numbers of women and men for the first time in Canada’s history. He also used his position to promote gender equality at the World Economic Forum in January

Since taking office he has repeatedly been asked why he so strongly advocates for gender equality and why he considers himself a feminist. His response has been that diversity is crucial to better decision-making, as well as being a necessary element of a government that is truly representative of the population it serves.

He also offered a much simpler explanation soon after being sworn in: “Because it’s 2015”.

We spend a lot of time at MARC trying to make the case that men need to take a stand on issues of gender equality—because it’s good for business, because it’s good for men, because it’s basic fairness. 

Perhaps it’s time, or even past time, for us to embrace Trudeau’s way of thinking. 

It’s 2016. We shouldn’t still be in a place where we have to argue about why equality is important. The conversations we’re having today should be more focused on how best to achieve equality. 

At the Catalyst Awards Dinner on March 16th, Catalyst will be awarding Prime Minister Trudeau with a special commendation for his leadership in advancing diversity and gender equality.

Men in leadership should pay attention to what is happening in Canada today because it is a great example of how men can contribute to the struggle for equality.

d8a11676c36532306c60e9bc9abf8387-huge-10Cliff Leek is the MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) Research Fellow and Community Manager. He is also a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at Stony Brook University (SUNY). He has worked as Prevention Specialist for the Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force and as a consultant for a variety of gender-focused non-profits. Cliff is currently writing his dissertation on the growth patterns and effectiveness of organizations seeking to engage men and boys in gender justice work around the world.  He is also a founding editor of Masculinities101.com, a blog that connects activist and scholarly work on men and masculinities.

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