Announcing MARC Teams: Create Inclusive Workplaces, Faster

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By MARC Staff. Six years ago, the Men Advocating Real Change (MARC) online community was created with the goal of providing a space for men and women to have courageous conversations about gender in the workplace.
Now we’re launching a new product to support spaces for you and your colleagues to engage with each other on this topic—at your own workplace.
Announcing MARC Teams, a Catalyst Supporter product for creating inclusive workplaces, faster.
In a MARC Team, a small group of men and women colleagues meets regularly on their own to develop new skills and deepen awareness, supported by discussion guides, materials, and experts from Catalyst.
MARC Teams work toward culture change. They empower members to drive discussion and learning through a progression of monthly topics. Multiple tracks within MARC Teams create movement on a grassroots level as well as supporting individuals who want to identify specific actions they can take as leaders.
As Teams progress, members will develop their ability to see through someone else’s perspective, practice having dialogues across differences, and advance skills to support a climate of inclusion regardless of level. Leaders will delve into critical “trouble spots”—such as performance evaluations and meeting dynamics—that can easily derail inclusion.
Benefits of MARC Teams
For individuals:
  • Space to engage in candid conversations about gender and its impact in the workplace.
  • Opportunity to develop an inclusive skillset that is critical to business performance.
  • Access to tools and strategies that increase leadership effectiveness.
  • Membership in a network of supportive, like-minded professionals and leaders.
  • Chance to gain visibility as a champion of inclusion in your organization.
For organizations:
  • Higher-performing teams able to question norms, work cohesively, and become more innovative.
  • Platform for leaders to demonstrate the company’s commitment to inclusion.
  • Translation of Catalyst’s robust library of resources into content scaled for all learners.
  • Ability to leverage investments in inclusive leadership-development programs, such as MARC Leaders.
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Posted by MARC Catalyst on Mar 22, 2018 12:01 PM America/New_York

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