May’s Top Gender Equity Resources For Men

7b6682afa545ec987deb440a92abfd6d-originaIn case you missed them
The MARC Library is a pool of gender equity links relevant to men. These are the most popular links from May 2018.
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The Subtle Sexism of Your Open Plan Office
Filed under Culture and Values. This one was our top resource for the month, and for good reason: it perfectly demonstrates the value diversity brings to any team. Just look at this all-male group of designers and their disaster of an open-office plan. It might have seemed fine to them, but what they missed was the effect that it would have on women, many of whom felt robbed of their privacy and constantly put on display. 

When Confronting a Biased Comment Can Increase Your Sense of Belonging at Work
Filed under Culture and Values. As much as we might like to pretend otherwise, biased comments abound in modern workplaces. But what happens right after a biased comment is made? This intriguing study looks at the effect of confronting bias—the findings will almost certainly surprise you.

Calbee CEO: "If you don’t like diversity, you can quit."
Filed under Activism and Leadership. There’s no doubt about it—Japan struggles with gender equality. And while we typically advocate a more open-minded approach, we can still appreciate a strongly worded statement when it’s warranted. Take Calbee CEO Akira Matsumoto, who has made his intentions very clear to employees, saying, “If you don’t like diversity, you can quit.”

NYT Columnist: I'm Not Quoting Enough Women
Filed under Activism and Leadership. David Leonhardt began making an effort to include women's voices in his newsletter, but he set no firm goals for his weekly column. The results are telling: in recent months, more than 40% of the writers mentioned in the newsletter have been women. By comparison, less than 20% of the people mentioned in the column have been women. The gap between the two is a pretty good demonstration of the difference between vaguely wanting to get better at something and having a plan to do so.

The Key to Getting Much Richer Is All About How You Treat Women
Filed under Workplace News. The Nordic region has been hard at work the last 50 years bringing more women into the workforce. That investment has paid off, as the OECD estimates that the shift has added as much as 20% to economic growth per capita. Even better: continued progress could add another 30% to economic growth rates by 2040.
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I really value the resources and commitment to ending patriarchy amd sexism. Please have more diverse voices including QTIPOC folk. Very white and mostly male writers, images, citations and content. More intersectionality will help. Thanks. 
  • Posted Thu 07 Jun 2018 05:04 PM EDT


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