August’s Top Gender Equity Resources For Men

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The MARC Library is a pool of gender equity links relevant to men. These are the most popular links from August 2018.
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Your Company’s Slack Is Probably Sexist
Filed under Culture and Values. Many workplaces use programs like Slack to support communication among their employees. And yet women's voices are often silenced in public chat rooms, a phenomenon that dates back to the early days of professionals collaborating on the Internet.

This article discusses general differences in men's and women's communications styles and how greater awareness can lead to increased collaboration on your team.

Why Women Stay Out of the Spotlight at Work
Filed under Tips and Tools. “God, I’m glad I’m not married to you!” This is a real example of what women hear at work when they try to make themselves more visible. And yet visibility is necessary for getting ahead. Here are some ways to more effectively share the spotlight without forcing women to stay behind the scenes.

Whether a Husband Identifies as a Breadwinner Depends on Whether He Respects His Wife’s Career
Filed under Men and Families. We’ve all heard of the breadwinner, but what about the breadsharer? This new designation was borne out of research looking into men who view their wives’ work as having worth and prestige in society. Not only that, it led to those same men having different approaches to their own careers.

Women Face “Punishment Gap” in Finance Industry, Study Finds
Filed under Workplace News. A man and a woman are found to have committed an act of misconduct at work. Who is more likely to get fired? The woman, it turns out.

This gap is driven by in-group bias, researchers say, pointing out that firms with more equal gender representation at the executive level apply more balanced disciplinary measures.

NBA Champ Stephen Curry: This Is Personal
Filed under Activism and Leadership. Stephen Curry wants to solve gender inequality not just as a father of daughters, but as a man who is concerned that we are sending “the wrong message to women about who they are, and how they’re valued, and what they can or cannot become.”
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Colleagues, I've compiled a whole stack of resources on men's roles in building gender equality at work, here:
See e.g. the new report available here: Center for Women and Business. (2017). Men as Allies: Engaging Men to Advance Women in the Workplace. Bentley University
Michael Flood.
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