September’s Top Gender Equity Resources For Men

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The MARC Library is a pool of gender equity links relevant to men. These are the most popular links from September 2018.
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Use Your Everyday Privilege to Help Others
Filed under Tips and Tools. When you have a lot in common with those around you, it makes it easier for you to navigate your world. The flip side is that those who are different might find it much more difficult to get things done.

When the necessary corrections aren’t made, the benefits of the diversity your “different” colleagues bring can be lost. One way to help is to use your ordinary privilege—the benefits of sharing a lot in common with those around you—to help others.

Take “Extraordinary” Steps to Ensure Diversity. Stephen Colbert Did
Filed under Activism and Leadership. Late Show host Stephen Colbert was frustrated by a seeming inability to find diverse talent for his previous show, until he realized that “the usual process” wouldn’t help him get an “unusual room.”

Here’s the change he made to go from eight women candidates to 87.

Man Enough, a Web Series About Male Privilege in the Age of #MeToo
Filed under Activism and Leadership. How do we get to real insight on #MeToo?

In his web series Man Enough, actor Justin Baldoni show us how, steering conversation with male celebrities "past fratty asides and toward epiphanies that seem sincere."

Research: People Share More Information With Colleagues of Similar Cultural Backgrounds
Filed under Tips and Tools. Reflect for a moment on what a world without phones would look like. Did you come away with a renewed appreciation for the power of expedient information sharing?

So what happens when some people in your organization have immediate access to important information, but others don’t—and for reasons such as varying cultural backgrounds among employees?

You guessed it—the benefits of diversity can be lost. These three strategies can remedy those jammed up communication lines.

Is Office Politics a White Man’s Game?
Filed under Culture and Values. In environments where white male leaders set the culture, it is.

Women and minorities aren’t any less adept at office politics, generally speaking. It’s just that they tend to face subtle and not-so-subtle professional penalties when they try to play the game the same way as the white men.

The authors of this piece argue that instead of offering trainings designed to increase political savvy among minority groups, organizations should instead “focus on creating environments that support individuals engaging in a diverse range of behaviors.”
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