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The MARC Library is a pool of gender equity links relevant to men. These are the most popular links from the past month.
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Getting Started With Gender Equity: Tips for Men
Filed under Tips and Tools. Women face barriers in the workplace—barriers that men oftentimes don’t even see.

Think you’re ready to learn more, or know someone that just needs that little bit of awareness to get them started?

This article shows men how to dive into the topic and support inclusive workplaces as allies to those who have been marginalized.
Stigma Against Gay People Can Be Deadly
Filed under Culture and Values. Are you uncomfortable with the idea of working with LGBTQ individuals? You might be creating an unwelcome environment that takes a toll on their physical and mental well-being.

According to this article, “Discrimination in any form can have serious health consequences: sexual minorities living in communities with high levels of prejudice die more than a decade earlier than those in less prejudiced communities.”

Let’s make our workplaces more accepting.

Eight Stories of Men's Regret
Filed under Culture and Values. In the wake of #MeToo, men are reflecting on their past experiences with women—and many have realized they acted inappropriately, even if they didn’t understand that at the time.

This piece dives into what eight men were thinking in the moment, what transpired in the aftermath, and how their feelings about the encounter evolved.

Dad Paints His Nails After 5-Year-Old Son Is Bullied
Filed under Men and Families. Five-year-old Sam Gouveia, of Boston, loves it when his grandmother, a former nail tech, paints his nails. “I like red and I love pink on my nails,” he told PEOPLE.  

It was only when he arrived to his class at school that a torrent of abuse from the other children made him regret his decision.

His father, Aaron, saw that his son was confused and hurt and it got his blood boiling. The father of three took to Twitter to post pictures of himself and his son with painted nails.

The viral response that followed included a comment from Super Bowl Champion Martellus Bennett, who posted a picture with the caption, “I rock pink nails all the time. And one of my favorite activities with my daughter is when we do each other’s nails.”

Boy Talk: Breaking Masculine Stereotypes
Filed under Culture and Values. Trust, sadness, tenderness, patience, fear, insecurity, confusion, feeling overwhelmed, and joy.

Do these traits describe what it means to be a man? Eleven middle-school boys didn't think so.

“You just eliminated 80% of human emotions from the male experience,” Ms. Fagell, their school counselor, told them.

This article shows how boys learn to reject key elements of their humanity, even as they long to live more fully.
Posted by MARC Catalyst on Oct 30, 2018 12:43 PM America/New_York

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This ENTIRE article is NOT about EQUITY RESOURCES for MEN! It's about teaching or promoting that they be more like WOMEN.. Men & Women are NOT the same and are NOT  suppose to be the same. I wish society and who ever authored this article would realize that and STOP trying to make it happen... This article is another form of EMASCULATION!
  • Posted Thu 01 Nov 2018 03:21 PM EDT
Hi Larry Black‍. I put this article together. The point, really, is that men are humans, too, and are socialized out of feeling "80% of human emotions," as the "Boy Talk" article suggests.

As that same article goes on to point out, "for all the progress toward helping girls and women break free of oppressive gender identities, boys are still tied, largely, to a limiting script of traditional masculine norms."

If we can agree that women have made tremendous strides, we can also look at men and boys and see that there's an opportunity for growth.

Case in point: over time, women have taken on more "masculine" activities: playing sports, wearing pants, owning credit cards. Why should we be so upset when men do things that have traditionally been thought of as "feminine"?

We see that there are tremendous health benefits to men embracing these parts of themselves. If they don't, they run the risk of doing serious damage to their mental and emotional well-being.

Our aim in collecting these articles is to help men live more authentically. The fact that you've had a strong reaction suggests that you're well aware of these social expectations for men. Maybe you're worried about what would happen if men were to start acting differently.

If so, I'd suggest you read the article about the father who painted his finger nails to support his son. Hearing from the boy makes you wonder about how arbitrary some of our expectations really are...
  • Posted Fri 02 Nov 2018 09:34 AM EDT


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