November’s Top Gender Equity Resources For Men

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The MARC Library is a pool of gender equity links relevant to men. These are the most popular links from the past month.
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What Does It Mean to Be a Man? 50 Leaders Respond
Filed under Activism and Leadership. “What does it mean to be a man, a feminist, and an ally?” Quartz interviewed 50 “industry-leading” men on their “struggles, insights, fears, and regrets,” including reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, Ford Foundation President Darren Walker, and more.

Here’s one quote we love from AOL co-founder Steve Case: “I understand why men feel threatened, but turning back the clock is not the answer.”

How Masculinity Contests Undermine Organizations, and What to Do About It
Filed under Tips and Tools. Are these sentiments common within your workplace culture?
  1. “Show no weakness:” never admitting doubt or mistakes and suppressing any tender or vulnerable emotions.
  2. “Strength and stamina:” showing off endurance (e.g., by working extreme hours).
  3. “Put work first:” nothing outside the organization (e.g., family) can interfere with work.
  4. “Dog eat dog:” a workplace filled with ruthless competition where no one is trusted.
These norms, and the “mine is bigger than yours” contests they inspire, are highly correlated with organizational dysfunction. Here’s what researchers have to say about toning things down.

Want Less Poverty in the World? Empower Women.
Filed under Workplace News. Countries where women struggle to access the labor market have worse income inequality. Those gaps in income result in democracies that are much more likely to break down.

What does this mean for the country that you live in? Do you think organizations with higher gender inequality have a greater chance of breakdown?

No One at Work Knew I’m Trans. Here’s Why I Decided to Tell Them.
Filed under Activism and Leadership. Damien Montoya was born Demicia Ann Montoya. He doesn't remember a time when something didn't feel wrong.

Damien transitioned in college, but when he started his professional life, his new colleagues had no idea he was trans. Here's the story of how he came out to his department of 70 people.

Future Men 2018 Survey
Filed under Workplace News. A survey by UK charity Working With Men revealed that UK society has a negative view of the word “masculine,” with very few respondents associating masculinity with positive human traits such as care/kindness (3%), respectfulness (1%), honesty (1%), and supportiveness (1%).

We’re worried about men who feel like they have to suppress positive human emotions that are perceived as feminine. The result is disastrous for mental health.
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