2018's Top Gender Equity Resources For Men

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The MARC Library is a pool of gender equity links relevant to men. These are the most popular links from 2018.
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5 Ways Men Can Improve Gender Diversity at Work
Over the past year, no data point made a more succinct case for engaging men in gender equity at work than the following, courtesy of BCG:

"Worldwide, our data shows that among companies where men are actively involved in gender diversity, 96% report progress. Conversely, among companies where men are not involved, only 30% show progress."

This was our most popular resource of 2018, so congratulations to the team at BCG. Don’t miss it.

This Tool Helps You Understand What Constitutes Sexual Harassment
Egregious workplace harassment like Harvey Weinstein’s is obviously unacceptable. But what about the “gray area”—and the confusion that can surround it?

To help alleviate anxiety, check out the Spectrum of Sexual Misconduct at Work, a handy tool to “help people define and differentiate among types of gender-based offense.”

We like this tool because it provides clarity around issues like comments on a woman’s looks or dress, which don’t have to be avoided entirely—they’re generally fine if they’re not accompanied by a sexually-charged tone or glance.

A Norwegian Experiment Shows How to Change Men's Ideas About Gender
Nothing beats first-hand experience. When men work closely with women over an extended period, we see a shift towards more egalitarian attitudes, based on responses to questions like the following:
  • “Teams perform better when made up of the same sex.”
  • “It is important for men and women to share household work equally.”
  • “I am feminine.” (This last assertion was included in a series of other questions asking about personality traits.)
This study surfaces deep, human truths about authenticity, visibility, and acceptance.

The Subtle Sexism of Your Open Plan Office
Open office plans are all the rage. But what happens when an all-male team designs yours?

A potential lack of foresight. In a study out of the UK, researchers examined the effects of moving 1,100 employees from a “series of traditional offices to one open office over the course of three years.”

While men outwardly found the change less jarring, women felt hyper-aware of being constantly watched and having their appearance evaluated. Additionally, the lack of privacy meant employees had nowhere to go when they felt “emotionally distressed or needed to conduct a private conversation.”

This study is incredibly useful on multiple fronts, with the primary lesson being that diverse teams are essential in planning stages to avoid discomfort and misalignment down the road.

Flip the Script: Men in the Workplace
If you believe that men can live more fulfilling lives by being more emotionally in tune with ourselves and those around us, you have to check out this tool.

A part of Catalyst’s Flip the Script series, this guide focuses on language—how what we say limits men and classifies shared human characteristics as feminine or weak. Think “You’re so emotional. Stop acting like a woman,” “Quit being so soft,” or “Suck it up and act like a man.”

These phrases don’t help anyone. They harden those who utter them and cause recipients to internalize their pain. The fact that this is so ingrained in our language reveals the dim, disastrous view our society holds when it comes to men’s emotional lives. No wonder men’s mental health is down the tubes.

A note on this tool: because of the way men have been conditioned, it can be very easy to scoff at this type of behavioral change. But the more you commit to it and are sure of exactly why, the more you’ll be able to help yourself and others.

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