For far too long, conversations about gender have been one-sided—primarily reflecting the perspectives of women. To be full partners with women in achieving gender equality, men need a space to consider what gender means in their own lives and the role they can play as advocates for change at work and beyond. This is what the MARC Blog is all about. What does it mean to be a man at work and in society? Does male privilege hurt men? What can men to do to change the workplace so that men and women have equal opportunities for advancement? MARC Bloggers will be taking on these key issues.

Who are the MARC bloggers? They include Amitabh KumarBill ProudmanGraeme RussellLars Einar EngströmMartin DavidsonMichael KimmelMichael Welp, and Noah Prince, with occasional contributions by Frank McCloskey and an array of guest writers.

About the MARC Blog

The MARC Blog features commentary by and for men who want to make a difference. Conversations about gender tend to be one-sided and focus on women’s perspectives

But men who join our community want to know: what does it mean to be a man at work and in society? In what ways does workplace culture affect men's and women's careers? What can men to do to support change that benefits all?

MARC bloggers tackle topics like these—and more. But we also want to hear from you about the key issues you’d like us to address. Contact us if you have questions or if you are interested in writing for MARC.

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Really enjoy the post Terry, thank you! 
What is the next step after we have a conversation about our differences?
Excellent and thought provoking post. Can you please provide concrete examples regarding how to even out this "tailwind" between men and women? How can men go about sharing their privilege? 
"Women leaders want men to be strong, but in a different way. They want men to be capable, responsible, accountable, flexible, creative, tenacious, persistent, inspiring, and collaborative. They don't want men to shut down, shut up, and be passive. They want us to be active."

This is the reason most men (and many women) are not women's right activists. J...
Jared,  You did a wonderful job framing the $64 dollar what’s holding us (whites) back?  My comments are formed by personal experiences and learnings. I am not speaking for all whites, but I submit my following comments generally apply to most whites (men and women). I am also not into the blame and guilt game...both are paralyzing emotion...