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The MARC Blog features commentary by and for men who want to make a difference. Conversations about gender tend to be one-sided and focus on women’s perspectivesWhat does it mean to be a man at work and in society? In what ways does male culture effect both men and women? What can men to do to support change that benefits all?

MARC bloggers tackle topics like these—and more. But we also want to hear from you about the key issues you’d like us to address. Contact us if you have questions or if you are interested in writing for MARC.

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Jared,  You did a wonderful job framing the $64 dollar question...so what’s holding us (whites) back?  My comments are formed by personal experiences and learnings. I am not speaking for all whites, but I submit my following comments generally apply to most whites (men and women). I am also not into the blame and guilt game...both are paralyzing emotion...
Kit, Great example, thanks.  I'm facinated by stories like yours and what leaders and organizations can do to create the culture these men eventually created; one that was inclusive and accepting even though it meant a change to the status quo.  

Years ago, I was working in a group of manufacturing plants in the South, helping them become places where everyone was truly welcome on the team.   At first, the men complained about the new workplace safety standards and equipment that arrived when women started working on the line, expectations like two people should work together to move 50 gallon dr...
Thought provoking - I'd say relevant and full of facts.

Sometimes I feel uncomfortable with the way that this debate is framed too - but for me - only because men too can be affected (as highlighted by your story).
Jared, I did get get more responses and, consistent with your observation, they played out precisely along gender lines (except one black women who told me that although she hates the idea the piece will probably result in a bump in her newspaper readership).