Bill Proudman

Bill Proudman, Founding Partner and COO, White Men as Full Diversity Partners
Bill Proudman pioneered white male only workshops in the mid-90s after repeatedly noticing that white male leaders disengaged from diversity efforts. His provocative work seeded the creation of White Men As Full Diversity Partners, an organization that guides leaders to a place of deeper understanding and awareness, heightened cultural competence and transformative and courageous leadership. Bill also founded Inclusivity LLC in 1989 as a leadership and organization development consulting firm. For over 35 years, he has served as a consultant, coach and facilitator to countless companies and organizations on issues of team effectiveness, cultural competence, diversity and leadership development. He is the founder and first board chair of the Experiential Training and Development Alliance, a trade association for experiential training and development consulting firms, and was twice president of the Association for Experiential Education. He is also co-author of a three-volume field guide on diversity partnerships and is the author of White Men and Diversity, a six-article series originally published in 2005 by the Minority Corporate Council Association.