Introducing @Mentions

Figure 1

Connecting with other MARC members is now easier than ever with an exciting new feature: @Mentions! @Mentions allow you to direct your questions or comments to a specific colleague in the community. This update addresses member requests for "user tagging" similair to features on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

How to use @Mentions
Simply type “@” followed by the user’s name. After three letters, possible matches will appear and the results will become more precise as you type (see Figure 1 above). Select the desired username from the dropdown to @Mention them.

You can use @Mentions in the following text fields on the MARC website:
  • Profile – comments
  • Forums – new topic; topic replies
  • Blogs – blog post comments
  • Reviews – review item comments
  • Groups – comments, forums, blogs, events, review items

Changing Your @Mentions Privacy Settings
Users have the ability to control who can @Mention them on an individual basis. Access is controlled by the ‘Private Messages’ setting in the Privacy tab of My Account settings. As shown in Figure 2 below, Privacy settings for Private Messages/@Mentions may be configured as follows:
  • Friends Only – only approved Friends/Connections of the user may @Mention them
  • Everybody – anyone in the community may @Mention the user
  • Nobody – the user may not be @Mentioned by anyone in the community

Figure 2

Changing Your @Metions Notification Settings
Want to make sure you know when you’ve been @Mentioned in the MARC Community? Tick the box next to “Email me when someone mentions me” in the Notification tab of your My Account settings (see Figure 3 below). 

Figure 3

Questions About This Update?
Get in touch with Jared Cline, MARC Community Manager, for more information.




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