MARC Networks

MARC Networks accelerate culture change through peer coaching. Offered for free to Catalyst Supporter companies, MARC Networks is a sustainable solution for supporting diversity champions and collaboration among individuals committed to inclusion. 

Through self-selected small groups, Networks utilize content provided by MARC in self-paced meetings to share advice and partner with fellow members in creating more equitable workplaces. Meeting guides cover content across critical “trouble spots”—work processes, practices, and interactions—that can easily derail inclusion.

MARC Networks topics include:
  • Counterproductive and exclusionary dynamics in work meetings.
  • Workplace flexibility strategies to boost inclusion and create equal opportunities for women and men.
  • Building relationships with a diverse network of professionals and colleagues.
  • Work allocation processes that give women and men equal access to high-visibility assignments and opportunities.
  • Removing bias from evaluations and ensuring equitable feedback.
  • Inclusive strategies for developing diverse talent and ensuring equal opportunities.

Who is MARC Networks for?
MARC Networks is a tool for further developing and sustaining inclusive leadership. As such, it is not designed to be a first step for individuals or organizations looking to begin their journey to engage men in diversity work or to convince men who are not willing to engage on this topic. While targeted toward men, women may also join and participate as full members.

Because MARC Networks is an in-depth program, it is ideally suited for:
  • Individuals and organizations with a history of working to engage men in efforts for workplace equality.
  • Organizations that are looking for ways to extend learning gained from inclusion programs to other men in their organization.
  • Individuals who are eager to take action on inclusion issues and want to learn more.
  • Leaders in organizations who are actively engaged in supporting workplace equality.  

Benefits of MARC Networks
For individuals:

  • Practical tips and easy-to-use tools for developing inclusive leadership skills critical to business performance.
  • Access to a network of supportive, like-minded professionals and leaders.
  • For MARC Network leaders—Enhanced visibility and influence as a champion of inclusion.
For organizations:

  • Leverage investments in inclusive leadership development programs (e.g., MARC Leaders, Unconscious Bias trainings) through peer-to-peer coaching and knowledge-sharing.
  • Create inclusive workplaces faster by developing a growing cadre of male leaders who can act as champions of inclusion.
  • Track the progress and impact of MARC Networks with expert support from Catalyst.

Overview PDF: MARC Networks

Did You Know?

Research shows that when men are actively involved in gender diversity, 96% of companies report progress. When men are not involved, only 30% show progress.

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