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Discuss: From MARC Social

[POLL] Do You Know Any Feminist Men?

feminist men-newsletterDo you personally know any men that identify as feminist?
Some men who support equality shy away from the term while others embrace it.
We'd like to hear about how you or men you know navigate support for gender equality!



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To Male Leaders Who Say Diversity Is a Danger to White Men

older-bussinessman-newsletterBy Michael Kaufman
You said you meant it as a joke. I’ve heard the exact same “joke” far too many times.
Here's why I, as a man, and a white man to boot, have been concerned for many years when I hear comments like that one.



News: What We're Reading

In Scotland, Men Have to Step Up to Paternity Leave

A convincing argument. "Ultimately, we men are the ones missing out on one of life’s most fundamental experiences if we’re willing to remain a bystander in our children’s early lives." Find out why change is a long time coming. The Scotsman

Dutch Men Are Doing This to Support LGBT Safety

The fight for equality continues. The trend was sparked by reports of a gang attack on a gay couple in Arnhem, a city in the east of the Netherlands. Pretty soon, men around the world were posting pictures in solidarity—and they send a powerful message. CNN



Quote of the Week


"Contrary to what many people argue, gender equality is not a zero-sum game in which women win only at the expense of men losing. Gender equality is a win-win."
Michael Kimmel,



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This Month on MARC: Why Men Should Support Gender Equality

theme-newsletter 2What's your answer to this critical question: why should men support gender equality?
Join us in the MARC community this April for our content focus on the reasons, personal and professional, for men to get involved.
Stay tuned for expert blogs, discussions in MARC Social, and tools that make the case for the mutual benefit of gender equality!

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