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Discuss: From MARC Social

Just for Fun: Introducing Dadbag, the Dad Bod Fanny Pack

dadbag-newsletter"I’m desperate to have dad bod," says Dadbag creator Albert Pukies. "The solution is quite simple, a bumbag with a proper dad belly printed on it.

Just when you forgot about the dad bod trend, it's back again. What's your take on Dadbags (and what would you put in yours)?

Have You Voted in This Month's Community Poll?

masculine norms newsletterThis month's community poll is "Which Masculine Norm Has Been Most Challenging for You?"

What's been the most common response so far? "Show no chinks in the armor" leads with 44% of the vote, followed by "Be a man's man." If you haven't voted yet...

Read: From the Blog

Standing Up to Male Gender Roles: Chivalry & Benevolent Sexism

subway-newsletterBy Jared Cline

Is chivalry dead? Benevolent sexism often plays a role in "gentlemanly behavior," even when women seem to benefit on the surface.

What's a guy to do? And how do these attitudes spill over into the workplace?

News and Knowledge: From the Library

How to Get Men Involved With Gender Parity Initiatives

Not just a "women's issue." Creating a more gender-equitable company culture is challenging. Men can help, specifically by using "in-group" advocacy with other men. Here's how to get them on board according to the latest research. View in Library

Andy Murray: Tennis Women Make the Same Sacrifices as Men

Leveling the playing field. Tennis star Andy Murray didn't "set out to be a spokesperson for equality," but he's hardly a reluctant advocate. In this essay, Murray lauds the work of women in sports and the benefits of cross-gender partnerships. View in Library

Quote of the Week

"Instead of spending so much of our time and energy proving our masculinity, to ourselves and others, it is time to redefine it."

Cliff Leek
University of Northern Colorado

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