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Have You Voted in This Month's MARC Community Poll?

sad man-newsletterMen can find it hard to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable with other men is even worse.
Instead of providing support, many men joke or ridicule, using phrases like "Stop acting like a woman" that police behavior based on gender and increase mental health risks.
Do you find it hard to be vulnerable with other men? Vote now!



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If You’re Going to Celebrate International Men’s Day, Do It Right

international mens day-newsletterBy Jared Cline
International Men's Day (celebrated 11/19) is complicated—but it's not a victory lap.
Men face very serious issues, but too many are apt to lay blame or self-harm. The real answer might lie in changing our culture.
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News and Views: From the Library

I Used to Be the Person Who Would Say "Not All Men"

Activism & Leadership. Former NFL player Wade Davis offers this advice for men who advocate to other men: ask a "what" or "how" question. He explains: "If you ask a 'Why' question—like 'Why would you think that?'—it’s a judgment question." View in Library

Men Name Their "Parts," but Don't Perform Self-Exams

Culture and Values. Fifteen years ago, at a physical she scheduled for her boyfriend, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. A decade later, it happened again. The body part comes up often enough ("that takes balls"), but visits to the doctor among men are all too infrequent. How do we change the culture—and define a "real man"? View in Library



Quote of the Week


"Love and compassion are deeply human traits... we express our humanity, not our 'feminine side,' when we embrace them."
Michael Kimmel
Stony Brook University



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November's Community Theme: Flip the Script

Slidewheel November-newsletterLanguage changes because culture changes. And our culture is becoming more inclusive.
Use our new Flip the Script tool as your guide for this month's focus on common phrases that impact relationship-building in men.
Have thoughts or resources to share?
We're opening up the conversation in our community theme mega-thread. View here

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