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Discuss: From MARC Social

Men: What Have Women Done to Support Your Work?

support newsletter 2Has a woman...
  • ... been your mentor?
  • ... asked about how bias and male gender norms affect you?
  • ... invited you to join an ERG?
  • ... helped you learn a lesson you'd like to share with other men?



Read: From the Blog

Men Are Not the Enemy

men are not the enemy newsletterBy Naomi Cooper
Men shouldn't be criticized for taking an interest in issues that affect their mothers, wives, daughters, or friends. 
How do you encourage discussion without dismissing the views of half the population?



News and Knowledge: From the Library

Must Watch: Women's Stories of Sexual Harassment in Tech

Six women speak up. This month, two Silicon Valley investors resigned over sexual harassment allegations. As a result, multiple women have come forward to share their experiences. That takes courage—and the least we can do is listen. View in Library

Havas Media UK & Ireland CEO on Fatherhood and Leadership

Skills that transfer. "You become a better leader by being a better father and you become a better father by being a good leader... Modern leaders need skills like emotional intelligence, coaching, and a question-orientated approach." View in Library 



Quote of the Week


"Men experience social penalties, including rejection and loss of status—which are often harsher than those women face—when they deviate from their assigned gender scripts."
Terry Howard



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More from MARC

This Month's Theme: Actions Women Can Take

Slidewheel July newsletter 3Step 1: Download our new tool, Actions Women Can Take to Support Men's Engagement, which features 10 tips based on Catalyst research.
Step 2: Share your thoughts, questions, and resources in our thread on this month's theme, Actions Women Can Take.

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