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MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) is a one-of-a-kind community created for professional men who share a common commitment to creating equitable and inclusive workplaces. MARC members are becoming more effective leaders by engaging in candid dialogue about inclusion challenges and by learning from peers and issue experts—both virtually, on the MARC community website, and in person, through leadership development programs. Membership is free.

MARC-to-Go is our weekly newsletter that keeps members up-to-date on MARC’s latest news and resources, and drives a deepening awareness of inequality and opportunities for solution.

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MARC Leaders Workshop
MARC's premier offering, created in partnership with White Men as Full Diversity Partners (WMFDP), these intensive workshops allow time for participants to process and internalize what they are learning, with the goal of leaving with intentional next steps and the support to stay engaged in the months to come. Topics such as dominant culture, privilege, and unconscious bias are approached head on.
  • Bring thought leaders together to create deeper engagement
  • Shift onus of responsibility to effective partnership between both genders
  • Create in-person connections and direct actions/solutions
Overview PDF: MARC Leaders Workshops

"I became more aware of my own personal biases and gained a better appreciation for the critical role that men play in driving systemic change."
— MARC Leaders Participant

MARC Leaders Executive Programming
These sessions, which include both men and women, are engaging, often courageous conversations among executives within the same organization that increase their awareness of diversity issues and demonstrate the impact they can have as inclusion champions. Key critical concepts of inclusion and diversity are explored which lay the foundation for leadership roles in driving equatliy in the business. Programming is delivered in a variety of formats, including a half-day session co-facilitated with WMFDP, to work into busy schedules: 

Overview PDF: MARC Leaders Executive Dialogue 

Overview PDF: MARC Leaders Executive Sessions

MARC Networks
MARC Networks offer a sustainable solution for accelerating culture change through peer coaching. In a Network, a self-selected small group of individuals from one organization meets regularly to share advice and support for creating a more equitable workplace. 

Through involvement with MARC Networks, individuals can access practical tools and strategies that increase leadership effectiveness, while organizations are able to create inclusive workplaces faster by developing a growing cadre of male leaders who can act as champions of inclusion within the organization.

MARC Networks is a free program offering for MARC Leaders Workshops and Executive Sessions participants.

Overview PDF: MARC Networks

Other MARC Events
MARC Webinars are held several times a year and address topical issues related to men’s workplace experiences and developing men’s inclusive leadership skills. In past MARC webinars, we have explored solutions for bringing men to the forefront of diversity and inclusion strategies, how to sustain workplace inclusion, and the importance of supporting other men in making positive changes in the workplace.

Calendar: Upcoming Events

MARC Workshops and Speaking Engagements are in-person events in a variety of lengths and for a variety of audiences that expand and support the engagement of men in the workplace.

Resources for Engaging Men
The ground-breaking research that inspired MARC. Catalyst's Engaging Men research series provides in-depth, evidence-based advice about the most effective ways to partner with men in ending gender inequalities at work. Discover how to inspire culture change on our resources page.




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