Our Programming

MARC's suite of programming brings thought leaders together to create deeper engagement. In everything we do, from our one-of-a-kind online community to our premier MARC Leaders Workshops to our plug-and-play MARC Teams programming, we seek to foster effective partnership between genders and create in-person connections to support direct actions and solutions.

Our programming functions as a continuum of learning, meeting men where they are on the topics of diversity and inclusion. With tools to support events and communities of various sizes, from small work groups to an online global allies network, individuals can further their own learning and help support others to be champions for change. 

The MARC Community
The MARC Community is a free-to-join online community for men committed to gender equality in the workplace. MARC gives men, in partnership with women, a place to ask questions, learn from each other, challenge outdated thinking, and find actionable steps for driving inclusion.

Our weekly newsletter, MARC-to-Go, keeps members up-to-date on MARC’s latest news and resources, and drives a deepening awareness of inequality and opportunities for solutions.

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MARC Leaders
MARC Leaders, our premier offering, is an immersive program focused on engaging men as change agents who lead efforts to bring greater diversity to the workplace. Delivered in a variety of formats, including:
  • The MARC Leaders Workshop (1.5 days) allows time for participants to process and internalize what they are learning, with the goal of leaving with intentional next steps and the support to stay engaged in the months to come.
  • The MARC Leaders Executive Dialogue (0.5 days) introduces concepts critical to sustained collaboration between men and women leaders who champion inclusion. This unique program raises awareness and generates interest in supporting and promoting workplace equity.
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MARC Networks
MARC Networks accelerate culture change through peer coaching. Offered as a free follow-on for MARC Leaders participants, MARC Networks is a sustainable solution for supporting diversity champions and collaboration among individuals committed to inclusion.

Through self-selected small groups, Networks utilize content provided by MARC in self-paced meetings to share advice and partner with fellow members in creating more equitable workplaces. Meeting guides cover content across critical “trouble spots”—work processes, practices, and interactions—that can easily derail inclusion.

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MARC Teams
MARC Teams offer a group-learning strategy for creating inclusive workplaces together. In a MARC Team, a small group of men and women colleagues meets regularly on their own to develop new skills and deepen awareness, supported by discussion guides and materials from MARC.
MARC Teams support culture change on a grassroots level, empowering members to drive discussion and learning along a progression of monthly topics.

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Other MARC Events
MARC Webinars are held several times a year and address topical issues such as men’s workplace experiences and inclusive leadership skills.

MARC Workshops and Speaking Engagements are in-person events in a variety of lengths and for a variety of audiences that expand and support the engagement of men in the workplace.

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Did You Know?

Research shows that when men are actively involved in gender diversity, 96% of companies report progress. When they're not, only 30% show progress.

We can help. Check out our programming, resources, and events. Join our community or email us to learn more.


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