Resources for Engaging Men

Men are an often untappedyet criticalresource in diversity & inclusion (D&I) efforts aimed at eliminating gender bias. Below, you'll find more about our programming and resources that make the case for inclusion.

Our Programming
Creating gender inclusive workplaces. Through multiple touchpoints and program offerings, we help leaders and companies become more effective and inclusive. For more on how we create culture change, check out our groundbreaking suite of offerings, designed for everyone from emerging leaders up to senior executives.

Overview: MARC Offerings

First Steps
First Step: Engaging Men lays out the importance of men as gender champions. This overview includes a look at many issues including male privilege, leadership, and gender bias, as well as ways organizations and individuals can make change. Read more about the report here.

Report PDF: First Step: Engaging Men

The Research Foundation 
Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives is the foundation for MARC. Brought to you by the experts at Catalyst, this research series identifies the critical role that men have to play in creating more equitable workplaces. Read on for in-depth, evidence-based advice about the most effective ways to partner with men in ending gender inequalities at work.

What Change Agents Need to Know. Before individuals will help right an inequality, they must first recognize that the inequality exists. 

This report reveals the three key factors that predicted men's awareness of gender bias, as well as the one trait that separates the gender champions from the rest. Read more about the report here.

Report PDF: Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives: What Change Agents Need To Know

Stacking The Deck For Success. What influences men’s interest in diversity and inclusion training? 

This report dives into the four most important factors that inspire men to seek the skills they need to become effective change agents for gender equality at work. Read more about the report here.

Report PDF: Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives: Stacking the Deck for Success

Can Training Help Create Inclusive Workplaces? Are leadership development programs worth it?

This Catalyst study shows that the effects can be transformative. Participants not only became much more accepting of white male privilege, but also showed improvement in building relationships across difference. Read more about the report here.

Report PDF: Calling All White Men: Can Training Help Create Inclusive Workplaces?

How Inclusive Cultures Evolve. How do you make a seriously male-oriented organization more inclusive, so both women and minorities can advance?

Through in-depth focus groups, this report identifies the critical factors necessary for creating inclusive organizations, where guys get more involved and employees can talk more honestly about their differences. Read more about the report here.

Report PDF: Anatomy of Change: How Inclusive Cultures Evolve

Tools for Engaging Men
Engaging Men in Gender Diversity Initiatives. This tool identifies three barriers that can undermine men’s support for gender initiatives and need to be addressed to motivate men to action. Read more about the tool here.

Tool PDF: Engaging Men In Gender Diversity Initiatives‚Äč

Actions Men Can Take to Create an Inclusive Workplace. Acting on these behaviors—the ones that you feel most able to take action on—can make a difference in your workplace. 

Tool PDF: Actions Men Can Take to Create an Inclusive Workplace

Actions Women Can Take to Support Men's Engagement. What can women do to encourage and cultivate men’s work to address inequality? Catalyst research indicates that there are many ways to support men’s increasing engagement on these issues.  

Tool PDF: Actions Women Can Take to Support Men's Engagement

Actions Organizations Can Take to Support Men's Engagement. Catalyst research indicates that senior leaders, D&I and HR teams, and talent management professionals can support men’s increasing engagement on these issues. Here's how.

Tool PDF: Actions Organizations Can Take to Support Men's Engagement

Hear From Change Agents
"I know it's good business and I know it's just the right thing to do." Not just for your company, but for the world we live in. Watch Lee Tschanz, Vice President, North American Sales, Rockwell Automation, discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in the video below.

For more, watch the whole series of executive voices.

Ready to Answer the Call?
Increase your impact in four steps. Gender equality transforms lives, strengthens families, benefits communities, and helps grow economies. Are you ready to join the MARC movement? Our members recommend four actions you can take to inspire change.

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