Write for MARC

What's your story? Each month we feature voices of MARC members on a range of topics and we want to hear from you. MARC bloggers have their work showcased across MARC social media channels and in the weekly MARC newsletter. Popular topics include experiences and stories about:
  • Experiences and struggles as a working dad
  • Engaging with colleagues on diversity
  • Being "out" in the workplace
  • Competition among male colleagues at work
  • Confronting sexism in the workplace
Please email MARC@catalyst.org with your submissions and ideas. Anonymous written submissions will be accepted. If you would like to write for MARC, but aren't sure what to write about, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We provide our bloggers with regularly updated themes and questions to spark their creativity. 

We look forward to hearing from you and posting your stories on MARC!

This Month's Content Theme

September’s theme is “Gender Norms.” Gender norms are often at the root of gender inequalities—and they’re especially dangerous when they go unchecked, are attributed to genetic factors, or are accepted as “just the way things are.”
Interested in writing on this topic? Here are a couple questions to get you thinking:
  • What are gender norms for men?
  • What are gender norms for women?
  • Is it okay to like things that are considered norms for your gender?
  • How do gender norms affect workplace inequality?
  • Have you struggled with gender norms in your own life?
  • How are gender norms reinforced at work and in society?
  • How can we “see” the ways that gender norms impact us and those close to us?
  • Why is it difficult for men to stray from gender norms?
  • What does it mean to challenge gender norms?
  • What can companies do to examine the effects of gender norms in their organization?
  • What’s the message for leaders?