About MARC

Men Advocating Real Change (MARC) is committed to achieving gender equality in the workplace through the perspective and support of men. In everything we do, from our one-of-a-kind online community to our premier MARC Leaders Workshops to our plug-and-play MARC Networks programming, we seek to foster effective partnership between genders and create in-person connections to support direct actions and solutions.

Why men? It’s easy to label gender inequality a women’s issue—after all, women are the ones most directly affected, right?

In reality, gender inequality has a negative impact on us all and, if we know what to look for, we can see its effects in nearly every aspect of our lives. Gender inequality negatively impacts the success of organizations, men’s relationships with colleagues, the time men spend with their families, and even men’s personal health. By contrast, research shows that inclusive workplaces give individuals and companies a competitive edge.

Can women join MARC? Although women are welcome to join MARC and take advantage of its resources, its primary purpose is to support and inspire men seeking to drive meaningful change. We ask that women who join MARC bring 2-3 men with them.

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For more information on why MARC was created and how to get the most out of it, please see our programming. MARC is an initiative of Catalyst, the leading nonprofit organization expanding opportunities for women and business.

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About Catalyst

Catalyst is a global nonprofit working with some of the world’s most powerful CEOs and leading companies to build workplaces that work for women.

Founded in 1962, Catalyst helps organizations remove barriers and drive change with pioneering research, practical tools, and proven solutions to accelerate and advance women into leadership—because progress for women is progress for everyone. 

Please visit www.catalyst.org for more information.




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