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Seeking Perspectives

Noah In order for skeptics to put their guard down, they need validation for who they are.

Posted by Noah Prince in MARC Blog Apr 16, 2014 4:56 pm EDT

5 Minutes with a Skeptic

While we have come a long way there is still more work to be done.

Posted by Mark Bartkiewicz in MARC Blog Apr 7, 2014 6:00 pm EDT

Don’t Just Sit There – Advocate!

Each of us has defining moments that shape who we are as leaders.

Posted by Mark Bartkiewicz in MARC Blog Apr 1, 2014 11:41 am EDT

Profeminist Men and “The Great Turning”

The profeminist men’s movement can transform conventional ideas about manhood.

Posted by Mark Bartkiewicz in MARC Blog Mar 27, 2014 1:11 am EDT

MARC Bloggers Spark Change

  • Michael Kimmel and Steve Stall, Business Manager, Operations, Customer Support and Maintenance at Rockwell Automation, share advice on how to spark dialogue on race, gender, and other sensitive topics, plus describe the transformative effects these conversations can have, in this one-hour webinar.
  • Graeme Russell describes steps men can take to become active fathers.
  • "What she wears is not a provocation, nor an invitation," writes Kimmel regarding how managers should react to women who wear tight-fitting clothes.
  • Amitabh Kumar explains why some men may fear traveling alone with a woman, while others, the so-called "Good Men of India," have no fear at all.
  • Lars Einar Engstrom outlines why the "silverback" in the room—the loudest and most macho—still wins the day.
  • Graeme Russell offers five tips towards undermining stereotypes about ostensibly "natural" gender-based differences between women and men.
  • Martin Davidson explores unconscious bias at the personal level and "process bias" at the systems level.
  • Frank McCloskey busts myths about corporate D&I efforts and describes how a workplace "miasma" blinds men from seeing the potential in their female colleagues.
  • Bill Proudman weighs in on the process of men leading change. "Men who successfully support and lead other men," he writes, "are not afraid to make mistakes publicly and see that the goal is not perfection, but ongoing dialogue."
  • Proudman and Michael Welp's White Men as Full Diversity Partners featured in Human Resource Executive Online.
  • MARC's Martin Davidson, Michael Kimmel, and Mike Otterman were featured on Ashley Milne-Tyte's Broad Experience and tackled sexist internet trolls, "safe spaces" for men to share their experiences, and dadvertising. 
  • "Somewhere online men are talking about workplace equality. Not snidely or resentfully, but by story-telling and sharing advice in the same way as women do in their networks." MARC featured in Huffington Postread more here.

Male Champions In The News

  • Check out this powerful video of a Dallas sportscaster's response to NFL prospect Michael Sam coming out as gay.
  • "This is not an issue for men to observe from a distance, because we are integral parts of it," writes Charles M. Blow. "These kinds of disparities and inequities are unconscionable, and men must be more vocal about saying so."
  • "I feel that many people still pin our emotional reactions into one of two categories: stony, stoic Marlboro Man or oversharing, sensitive artist," writes Policy Mic's Jack Fischl. "I refuse to accept that there are only two options."
  • Click here to watch the most successful football play of all time. Seriously. This is what happens when boys dare to break the mold and decide to include those who are different.
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