5 Best UPS Battery in the Indian Market

5 Best UPS Battery in the Indian Market

Power shedding is a common scenario in India that has the capability to hamper productivity and work efficiency. Especially in the industrial sectors, the sudden shutdown of the systems can lead to a catastrophe. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) becomes of prime importance during such situations.

UPS can help prevent loss of data and smooth operations during power shedding. In addition, UPS battery is an essential component for supplying uninterruptible power for a longer duration. It also offers guaranteed power protection for connected equipment or devices.

Why is UPS Battery Required?

When power fluctuations outside safety levels, a UPS battery helps provide clean backup and surge protection for plugged-in sensitive equipment.

Every business has equipment that is likely to run on electricity for most of the day. It could be anything from running photocopier machines to keeping maintaining power redundancy at data centers or operating office gates at large. Running computer and networking solutions are the most common sights where UPS battery can play a significant role by providing power backup for a long duration.

To achieve optimum efficiency, it becomes crucial to choose the best UPS in the market with an efficiency battery.

Consider selecting UPS from the following list for your smooth business operations:

  1. Smart-UPS VT

Smart-UPS VT takes load up to 10-4- kVA. It offers centralized, 3-phase UPS power protection with reliability. This type of UPS is ideal for small data centers, regional offices, large retail stores, and other places where there is a dense power requirement.

Smart-UPS VT ensures clean, uninterrupted power with scalable runtime. Its UPS battery backup offers sufficient power when the utility power is out. The modular design of Smart-UPS VT helps provide fast serviceability, N+1 redundancy, and reduced maintenance requirements.

  1. Back-UPS BI

Back-UPS BI is a high-performance power backup UPS for business appliances and lighting applications. It offers a convenient way to keep lights, fans, and sensitive electronic equipment running during power cuts or fluctuations.

Back-UPS BI helps eliminate the inconvenience caused by the loss of main power by providing long back with its UPS battery power. Apart from having the cold-start capability, Back-UPS BI also gives notification of charging utility power and UPS power conditions.

  1. APC Model with UPS Battery Backup

APC UPS model offers high-performance premium power backup and protection for home, office, desktop PC, home electronics, and gaming consoles. It has an interactive sleek design line with a load capacity of 1000VA, which also offers 45-60 minutes average of UPS battery backup. APC UPS model has energy-saving and data line surge protection features. APC models are RoHS compliant, and BIS approved for reliable safety standards.

  1. Easy UPS 3L

Easy UPS 3L offers commercial and industrial applications for running heavy loads between 500-600 kVA (400V). This type of UPS is mostly used at places like data centers and colocation facilities, where uninterruptible power supply is required for smooth operations. A 3-phase UPS, Easy UPS 3L is easy-to-configure, easy-to-use, easy-to-service offers up to 96% efficiency, which helps bring predictability in utility costs.

  1. Gutor MDC

Gutor MDC is designed for low rating applications in industries. These UPS systems are designed to deliver secure power in demanding industrial environments like oil, gas, petroleum, nuclear energy, and power generation industries.

Gutor MDC offers N+1 and N+X redundant modules, which can be added to the systems for ensuring operational continuity of the connected loads. Besides, it also offers scalability and flexibility to accommodate future load requirements.

UPS Battery Backup Systems for Business Continuity

Power outage can sometimes cause catastrophes like colossal data loss or discontinued business operations due to downtime and similar other downfalls.

To secure critical business operations and critical data servers, explore UPS power backup systems, which can help in business continuity. In case you face trouble knowing which UPS battery backup system is the right choice for your commercial operations, connect with power solution specialists.

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