5 SEO Trends Brisbane Businesses Must Look Out For

5 SEO Trends Brisbane Businesses Must Look Out For

Brisbane is the capital of the second-largest Australian state of Queensland, located in the northeastern part of the country. With a population of over 2.5 million, it is Australia’s third-most populated city.

The city central business district lies on the Brisbane River peninsula, 9.3 miles off its mouth at Moreton Bay. It is home to over half of Queensland’s manufacturing capacity and many other businesses across all industries.

To succeed in Brisbane’s modern economy, companies use the latest business strategies. This includes engaging in digital marketing campaigns and connecting with consumers through their preferred platform – the internet. At the core of this strategy are the best SEO companies in Brisbane. They bridge the gap between businesses and consumers like never before.

SEO is ever-changing, and it is important for business owners to keep an ear on the ground for upcoming developments. Below are some of the emerging trends to look out for this year.

Artificial Intelligence to Play a Bigger Role

Since it was first revealed a couple of years back, artificial intelligence or AI has impacted how users interact with online content. AI algorithms like RankBrain have determined search engine results pages by dictating the key ranking factors. Experts see this trend continuing this year.

More Focus on Mobile-Friendliness

Experts believe that come 2025, 73% of online users will browse the internet solely through mobile devices. As most people turn to mobile devices for online shopping, search engines are becoming more focused on mobile-first indexing. Businesses must be proactive in anticipating this development and make their websites friendly to mobile users. This is easy to achieve with the help of the most reputable SEO companies in Brisbane.

More Importance Given to Secondary Keywords

While the main keywords remain important, more focus will be given to secondary keywords. This trend is spurred on by evolving search algorithms that now look at more than just a string of words. In particular, Google is analysing the query context in an attempt to anticipate its users’ search intent. With primary and semantically-related keywords in place, more information is fed to the search engine, making the results more relevant to the specific query.

SEO to Become More Scalable

SEO is one of the most potent marketing tools in the industry. If implemented well, it could easily take your brand to the next level. Once it does, your SEO efforts must be flexible enough to adjust to the business’s added scope. To this end, it is important to connect with the best SEO companies in Brisbane.

With professional agencies’ help, you can launch an SEO campaign where key processes are automated, significant changes to rankings are monitored, and non-automated tasks are standardized. All these factors make it much easier to scale your campaign up when needed.

Local Search Listings Will Become More Prominent

Local SEO will gain more prominence this year, even for brands trying to penetrate international markets. This evolution is largely due to the rise of zero-click searches, an emerging trend that digital marketers call the new normal.

A zero-click search is a process of answering user queries through the search engine results page itself without clicking on any of the ranking results. The rise of featured snippets drives this. To keep up with this trend, businesses must have a Google My Business page and a strong backlink profile.


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