Are You Choosing To Stay Home? 5 Ways To Cope With The Lockdown

Are You Choosing To Stay Home?  5 Ways To Cope With The Lockdown

Are you sheltered at home and self-isolating because of the coronavirus pandemic? Don’t know how to spend your time meaningfully? Here we five best ways, excluding social media, to keep yourself entertained and the stress away:

1. Workout

Until COVID-19, we had no idea what lockdown meant. But now that we’re into it and experiencing the consequences, it’s essential to do something, like exercising, to keep ourselves sane. You don’t necessarily have to step out to get yourself fit and active. Follow YouTube tutorials on everyday exercises at home, walk around your building, meditate, dance, or simply install an app to set a more personalized routine.

2. Pick a new hobby

Now is the time to do something we don’t usually do – so pick up a long-forgotten hobby and let your positive side out. Explore your hidden talents and work on something you always wanted to. You’d be stunned to see how rewarding activity it is! You can either learn a new instrument, learn to cook, start gardening, painting, reading, and explore a side that you never had the opportunity to do before the pandemic. 

3. Play mobile games

What better way other than mobile gaming would it be to spend quality time alone or virtually with your family or friends? You can never go wrong with gaming, even if you’re working from home. Games like a jigsaw or block puzzle are an excellent option to give you the needed break from the daily monotony and keep you afresh and away from anything negative. Look for Easybrain’s BlockuDoku block puzzle if you can’t find the choicest option. It’s an exciting block game that’ll keep you engaged and happy at each level. Plus, it’s a great distraction if you’re already overwhelmed with all the coronavirus information load. 

4. Organize your space

There are many areas in your home that need reorganizing – identify those spaces and get going. This may not be an everyday activity, but the less clutter you see around yourself, the more clarity to gain over the things you must do and the things you must avoid. You can also rearrange the household items like the couch, cupboards, television, décor, etc. to accommodate some positive change. 

5. Stay in touch 

The situation is affecting each one of us equally, if not more significantly. So keep in touch with your family and friends and let them know you care! Pamper your pets at home, check on your parents, see how your friends are doing, and let your heart out too.

It’s a real crisis surrounding all of around across the planet. The future looks very uncertain, but you’re gifted with a lot of time, so make sure you don’t squander it. Make fair use of this time and try to improve your life. Playing games and adopting a hobby are the best and least expensive ways to make you spend time productively. Let us know if you have more ideas – we’d love to hear from you!

Maria Fernsby

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