Benefits of Shoei Helmets vs. Benefits of Arai Helmets

Benefits of Shoei Helmets vs. Benefits of Arai Helmets

Shoei and Arai are some of the most respected names in motorcycle helmets. These two premium Japanese brands are often considered to be the go-to options for riders. If you are looking for a good quality helmet for street riding (and even for track riding), you can’t do much better than Shoei or Arai. However, which of these two brands is right for you? If you are shopping for your motorcycle accessories online, which one should you pick?

Why Shoei Motorcycle Helmets Are Rated Some of the Best in the Industry

Shoei was founded in 1954 and began making motorcycle helmets in 1959. As you may know, Japan has had a healthy motorcycle market and culture for a long time. It didn’t take long for Shoei to establish itself as one of the go-to options for safety and features.

Innovation is perhaps Shoei’s most defining feature. It was the first to introduce ventilation into a helmet design. Additionally, it was the first brand to release a coverless face shield system. The latter is a case study in the difference between the brands. Arai has still not released a coverless face shield due to safety concerns (even though all regulatory bodies and most brands consider them to be okay).

Shoei’s approach to safety and advancement is focused on improvement. The designers try to make helmets that are both comfortable and safe. By all accounts, they tend to excel at this. The brand’s helmets exceed the requirements of the Department of Transportation and often those of the Snell Foundation (a voluntary but stricter body).

Why Are Arai Motorcycle Helmets Are Rated Some of the Best in the Industry

Arai’s approach is a little different. The brand is somewhat older, first getting into helmets in the 1940s. The brand’s helmets are less focused on innovative features and instead on satisfying a strict, internal safety philosophy. They won’t compromise on their safety standards to introduce other features to the helmets.

Like Shoei, Arai consistently creates helmets that meet and exceed the requirements of the DOT, Snell Foundation and the Economic Commission for Europe. If you are deciding between the two brands, know that both offer excellent safety. Arguably, Arai has stricter protocols for safety and is more careful about features that could risk the user. However, both are excellent, and most riders make their choices based on personal comfort and stylistic preference. You can also choose based on if you see one brand’s motorcycle helmets on sale.

Also, don’t assume that Arai is not innovative. They tend to focus on helmet shape and material rather than features. That being said, they also innovated a new sun protection system to avoid needing an internal visor (potentially unsafe in their view).

Order Your Arai or Shoei Helmet Today

When you are looking for helmets and accessories, you can’t go wrong with Arai or Shoei. Order one today. Plus, pick up some cool accessories such as motorcycle battery chargers and storage solutions. Find the right motorcycle gear for your needs.

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