Definitive Guide for Kanban Workflow Management 2020

Definitive Guide for Kanban Workflow Management 2020

Several rumors and myths do viral rounds on the internet related to Kanban Workflow Management 2020. When anyone hears the word Kanban, they start analyzing what it is and trying to implement it in the right way. Well, this guide will help you explore every aspect of Kanban workflow management 2020 in the most precise and effective way possible.

What is Kanban?

Kanban is a simplified workflow management system to manage, streamline, and define the services aimed at knowledge work. With Kanban’s help, you can continuously improve while visualizing your entire outcome and enhancing your effectiveness. In the modern era, Kanban is used for streamlining every part of the business on a gradual basis.

The origin of Kanban

If you dig into Kanban’s past, you will find its roots in the Toyota Production System, where it was used as a scheduling system for every type of lean manufacturing process. In the year 1940, Toyota brought in the new concept of ‘just in time’ into its entire manufacturing process. We can say that Kanban was a type of pull system on which the whole production was based during the initial days. This unique approach acted as a springboard for lean manufacturing and was based on minimal wastage without compromising productivity.

Understanding Kanban Board

Kanban visualizes the management of workflows and thrives on a digital board type that includes both cards and columns. The cards in a Kanban board are used to represent all tasks, while on the other side, the columns organize all the tasks based on their process or the actual development stage.

You will be surprised to know that the Kanban board is currently in almost all the industries out there, and it is expected to continue growing in the future. But never be of the misconception that Kanban is only about the Kanban Board because it is just a chunk of the Kanban system’s more significant part.

The working of Kanban Board

The board will give you a single view of the project you are working on, but you will have the unique advantages of seeing the vast array of configurations as it will depend on the project’s preference. The board is divided into three categories; done, progress, and to do. This type of categorization helps in a better understanding of the project progress as well.

Although, a unique thing about the Kanban Board lies in its simplicity. In addition to this, its ability to show you the different aspects of a project in a more practical way makes it more effective.

One of the main reasons teams love using the Kanban system is because it’s effortless to use and is highly effective. A team will also get updates about which part of the project everyone is working on and the progress stage. It also allows them to find out what is holding up the whole project as it gives a complete visual representation of the same, which makes things more clear and practical.

The effect on teamwork

Not every firm can keep all teams under one roof, and this is why every group requires a digital access point through which they can work in unison even while being far from each other. This digital access is what Kanban offers as it allows all the team members to work together and stay on the same track.

With time, Kanban will become a new normal for every industry as it is currently growing at a breakneck pace. It is an innovation that is anticipated to grow in the long run while offering immense benefits to the teams using the same!

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