Electrical Wires and Cables Manufacturing In India

Every infrastructural building needs electrical fittings and installation in order to have lights or electricity connections. There are different materials of wires which are used as per the particular sector or industry. Like industries require heavy wires so that they can carry the heavy loads of machines and equipment used in the industry. The best electrical wire suppliers give their full attention in supplying only the relevant and particular purpose wires to the users. You can select the wires according to your requirements. There are different types of wires and codes used in wires which we need to understand.

Electrical wires are the conductors which transfer the electricity to the transformer. Electricity can also be conducted in electronic devices or any other electronic appliances. These electrical wires come in different sizes and colours and they are made up of different material. But almost all the electrical wires are mainly made up of copper. There are many types of wires which are discussed as follows:

  • Single conductor wires: single conductor wires are the wires which are mostly used type. There are two types of these wires like stranded and solid. Stranded wires are mostly used wires in cell phones chargers etc. These are the most flexible type of wires. Solid wires are the flexible kinds of wires which can hold electricity in a better way.
  • Multi conductor wires: multi conductor wires are the wires which are used in homes and are used in electricity fitting of the home. As they are used in attaching the heavy electric appliances used in households. These include, ground wire, neutral wires, hot wires etc. These include the non-metallic wires which are usually covered with black sheath and used for heavy appliances.
  • Metal clad cable: these cables are made up of aluminium. These cables or wires are used in industrial area and they have the capacity to carry heavy loads of machines and equipment used in the industries. They have the capacity to provide safety against the wire failure or any risk relating to wires.

There are different colours of wires and they all stand for some purpose. There are various colour codes of the wires which are as follows:

  • Black colour: these are for the hot wires which are used for the purpose of switches.
  • Red colour: these are also the hot wires which are used to connect the wire between the different hardwires conductors.
  • Blue and yellow colour: blue colour is used four ways switching application. Whereas yellow colour is used to control the fans and lights.
  • White colour: white colour stands for always neutral wiring.
  • Green and bare copper colour: These colours of wiring are used for the grounding purposes only.

The wire manufacturers in India codify these wires as per their purpose and they make every possible effort to maintain the protection and safety regarding the wires. They aim at avoiding the wire risk failure to avoid any kind of risk of life and property. Technology is upgrading every day.

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