How stem cell therapy help in diabetes cure

Diabetes is presently a major problem and is a very widespread disease among human population. This one is growing rapidly in every corner of the world. This is a very common life- long condition and it is also true that many children are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes these days. And if this happens, it means one has to live with the dose of daily insulin injections and it can lead to some long term health damage.

One may have a curiosity that what exactly is a type 1 diabetes. This is basically an autoimmune disease that happens from T cell autoimmunity and they are mediated destruction of the vast majority of the pancreatic B cells which actually produces insulin. So, the therapies are mainly done to control the T cell autoimmunity and to preserve the remaining beta cell function so that the type 1 diabetes attack can be managed.

Then why diabetes stem cell therapy in India is needed to be done? The adipose tissues are derived from stem cells and many researches have found that it has a potential cure factor in case of type 1 diabetes. They not only address the need of beta cell therapy replacement but also the regulation of the autoimmune response of the cells that majorly produce insulin.

No matter which form of diabetes happens to you, if they are not treated properly then the blood sugar can reach out of control and can lead to certain health complications like kidney diseases, cardiovascular problems, liver complications and other circulatory complications like vision loss, limb amputation and nerve damage.

So what are the basic treatment procedures in case of type 1 diabetes? Well, the patient should remain in strong scrutiny and need to check their blood sugar level multiple times a day. Also they need to inject insulin if needed. But sometimes even insulin fails to keep them in control. It is possible to treat this type of diabetes by transplanting some islet cells or even removing the whole pancreas and replacing it with the help of a donor. Islet transplantation is not a very common thing because the whole transplant issue involves some major surgery and it also carries some significant risks.

There are also many problems when it comes to islet transplantation. There can be a lack of donors. So instead of using a donor cell one can use their own stem cells which can bypass all the complications and side effects.

Many researches have shown that the stem cells are present in the pancreas of the patient and they are able to produce new beta cells. The stem cells from the adipose tissues of the patient’s own body can re educate the immune system and so it no longer attacks the beta cells. So the new beta cells are able to sense the blood sugar level and then act accordingly.

But for this one needs a thorough check up and suggestion from the expert doctors. This is actually a complicated process t perform.


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