How To Configure Alexa setup through alexa app

So you are a proud owner of Amazon’s small connected speaker, Echo Dot, and we know how excited you are to configure and try your new digital assistant. Hence, in this article, we will explain the configuration and also how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to it and restart it.

This is not a surprise when you see how easy it is to execute the Alexa Setup. Let us start with the application.

How to download alexa app?

For this, first of all, you need to download alexa app. Either you can go for the APK file or use the play-store to install the application. Once you install the application, follow these guidelines:

  • Log in with your account (or create an account) and follow the instructions.
  • Create an account.
  • Choose a Echo Dot devices and then the select English language.
  • Wait for orange light turns on.
  • Wait for a minute you are now connected to Echo          !
  • You also have the option to connect it to another Bluetooth speaker.

The configuration using the web interface – is similar to that of the application.

Go to and sign in with your account.

  • Choose your device from the list and the language.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi and create a network for your Echo.
  • When your Echo Dot says ‘ Ready for Setup’, connect directly to the Wi-Fi network you’ve created.

You can now use your Echo Dot.

How to restart Amazon Echo Dot?

If you want to sell your Echo Dot or simply wish to restart it to make it more efficient, given below is the solution for you.

To do this, press and hold the ‘Mute’ and ‘Volume down’ buttons at the same time until the light ring turns orange (approximately 20 seconds). If the ring of light turns blue, wait until the ring of light turns off and then on again.

What is the procedure to pair up with the Bluetooth speakers?

Unlike Home Mini, Echo Dot can be connected to other existing speakers through the mini jack available on the Echo Dot or via Bluetooth. This is a significant advantage because it allows you to enjoy better sound and sound quality in several rooms.

Here’s how to connect via Bluetooth:

  • .Select your device and go to Bluetooth.
  • Connecting a Bluetooth speaker is also quite easy.
  • Click on ‘ Pair a new device ‘ (pair a new device). Echo Dot must go into pairing mode. A few seconds later, the connection is established and you can use the speaker

Facing Issues with the amazon Alexa Setup?

At that moment, these tips can offer you great help:

  • Distinguish platforms have a distinguished set of standards for the compatibility of the application.
  • When prompted to enter your credentials, carefully type in your credentials avoiding the typos. Also, don’t get confused and intermix your Amazon credentials with other credentials. For the setup, you will be asked for the Wi-Fi network credentials and your Amazon account login credential. So, don’t intermix them.
  • If your password is not authenticating with your account, check the caps lock option. Passwords are case sensitive so type in the credentials accordingly.
  • Another thing to consider is Internet Speed.
  • Lastly, the web browsers – Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer must be having the latest updated version.

Amazon Echo Alexa: what can amazon echo do?

As with Google Home Mini, you can use other connected devices such as Philips Hue with Amazon Echo. On the Amazon website, you will find a list of compatible devices with Amazon attendees.

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