How to make a mobile responsive WordPress website?

How to make a mobile responsive WordPress website?

Almost any business project requires a responsive website. But nowadays, access to the Internet is provided not only from a pc – people have started increasingly using a sort of devices – from phones to tablets. The modern problem of most sites is that they, as before, are intended for users visiting the page from a laptop or pc. To see what a responsive WordPress website site is, you have to use scrolling and zooming. Using a touch screen, such actions are very inaccurate, at best.

When a user visits a suitably designed page, the site feels the device’s limited capabilities, automatically adjusts itself to display correctly, as a result of which its work is very productive. It reorganizes the existing layout, including replacing the image and navigation. Such web technology has become very popular for use in gadgets on the Android platform.

For creating a “responsive” site, you must use the services of a designer or use a special design for a site that supports responsive web design technology. In any case, the five tips below will help you make the transition to a new level of website functioning.

1. Decide when changes are due.

Responsive design is a fundamentally new way of managing page elements, so it will be significantly different from a regular site. Most likely, it will take time until a new site is created or an existing one is rebuilt.

2. Track mobile traffic.

The feasibility of switching to responsive web design is determined based on the number of visitors from the mobile. This segment is growing and will be significantly increased within two to five years. The more such visitors in each period, the more relevant becomes the decision to implement responsive web design.

3. Keep track of competitors.

Monitor the sites of enterprises similar to yours. Periodically check how easy they are to use from a computer, smartphone, tablet. Which view is the most convenient to use, does it require scaling and scrolling? Use the best ideas when creating the design of your website.

4. Hire web designers with experience in creating responsive design projects.

Many sketch to WordPress conversion service, as always, focus on the development of sites whose viewing is intended only for computers. When choosing a specialist, be sure to look at the latest examples of his work. It is important here not just to get screenshots, but to go to these sites from various types of devices and make sure that they look good and are convenient to use.

5. If you decide to create a “responsive” design yourself, then use effective and affordable tools.

The tools from the latest version are quite acceptable – web hosting is inexpensive and makes it easy to create a responsive website (with a simple drag and drop and paste into the interface). Ready-made “responsive themes” for WordPress sites are provided for your attention. The price of using these tools can be different – both free and paid. A version of this platform for creating sites allows you to conveniently use responsive design technology.


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