LED vs LCD TV: What’s The Difference

LED vs LCD TV: What’s The Difference

This has been for long a topic full of confusion for many. This may not seem like such an important discussion, but it sure is when you are to purchase a device in which case you would have to consider the display of it. If you were to purchase devices such as televisions, laptops, and so on, you would have to understand what exactly LED and LCD signify. Even though you can always rent such devices, such as you can get a laptop for rent in Delhi, and therefore always have an option to back off from the deal, it is always advised to invest in these kinds of purchases on a more long term basis. Moving on to our topic of focus and discussion today, here is what you would want to know about LED and LCD TVs.

Are LED and LCD TVs different?

This is a question that haunts many. Are LED and LCD TVs different in any aspect? You would expect it to be so, but it is not. Rather, they are quite similar to each other.

LCD is short for liquid crystal display and if we were to technically view both of these televisions’ displays we would see that LED and LCD both are primarily liquid crystal displays. The technology on which these televisions work is the same at a very fundamental level. In both these kinds of displays, there is a double layer of polarised glass. The liquid crystals present in these layers of polarised glass are meant to both pass as well as block light. Their working principle is the same. Where they differ is the execution of their working principles with changes in the position of diodes and such other technical devices here and there. What we can conclude is that LED televisions are a subcategory of LCD televisions.  

Which is better between an LED television and an LCD television?

Both LED and LCD televisions have a good reputation in the market. However LED TVs are known to provide much better picture quality. This is because first, they work with distinct RGB coloured lights which provide a much sharper and realistic presentation of the graphics, and second, the light-emitting diodes that they use can be dimmed, which gives much more contrast to the videos by blocking the entry of more light through the panel.

LCD TVs too have their advantages of a thin screen and anti-glare issues. But LED TVs have the same advantages but at a much higher level. The choice lies with the user as to which one they feel is more suitable keeping in mind their purpose and budget.

Just like laptops, you can also get a TV on rent in Bangalore. Renting appliances is certainly an intelligent choice but like everything else has certain drawbacks as well. If you do not feel the option of renting such appliances a suitable choice, you can always stick to the conventional methods.

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