What Are The Odds That Donald Trump Will Get Re-Elected?

What Are The Odds That Donald Trump Will Get Re-Elected?

Before the pandemic struck, American unemployment was at its lowest level in 50 years, and the stock markets were at or near all-time highs. The American economy was looking buoyant, incomes were rising and so was consumer confidence.

However, much has changed since then.

There has been a rising perception that the Trump administration has mishandled the coronavirus crises, with the USA having the highest number of patients and deaths globally. More than 6 million Americans have been infected by the virus, resulting in the death of more than 160,000. The economy is in a downfall, staring at its worst recession since the Great Depression. Unemployment is at a multiyear high.

As the National elections are only a month away, all these factors seem to have had little or no effect on President Trump’s approval ratings. While any sane person would guess that the chances of him getting re-elected would be slimmer than ever before. But surprisingly, the odds of President Trump winning the re-election are higher than you might think. CasinoPoint.in has a number of sites that are offering odds on the US election.

While Democratic candidate Joe Biden still has a lead, the margin of lead has been consistently decreasing in the last few weeks. But Trump has always been an underdog. During the 2016 elections, he burst onto the election scene from nowhere, and while he was trailing Hillary Clinton for most of the time during the build-up to the elections, he was trailing by a big margin. However, in the last two months he struck a note with the white voters and disgruntled Americans who were losing jobs to Asian countries as industries moved their manufacturing to them.

Most recent odds on the betting site Smarkets show Biden and Trump virtually neck and neck for the first time in 3 months, with Biden having a slight advantage at 50% and Trump close behind at 49%. When Kamla Harris was announced as the running mate of the Democratic campaign, the impact on Joe Biden’s chances of winning immediately rose by about 2 percentage points. But since then, the lead has gradually reduced.

The recent events at Kenosha in Wisconsin and Portland in Oregon have given Trump the opportunity to make a comeback, projecting himself as a tough guy, willing to do whatever it takes to maintain law and order. That, along with playing tough with China has portrayed Trump as an effective negotiator.

There is a one in three chance that like in 2016, Trump might lose the popular vote, while still winning the national elections.

Peer to peer betting site Betfair exchange, Trump has even better odds compared to Biden. With recent big bets being placed on a win for Trump.

If the 2016 elections were close, the 2020 US presidential elections are bound to be even closer, with a significant swing in odds throughout the course of the campaign. With the pandemic still ravaging throughout the country, and protests happening all around the country over racism and police brutality, this year’s election is believed to be one of the most polarizing ever, with voters closely watching the developments on both sides.

Whatever the result be, this year’s elections are bound to have far-reaching consequences on the lives of American citizens, and diplomatic relations throughout the world.

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