When Can I Be Ready For Exercise After Piles Laser Surgery?

When Can I Be Ready For Exercise After Piles Laser Surgery?

Regular exercise can help you in maintaining a healthy weight, regulate your digestion and prevent the rectal pressure for sitting long hours, which potentially prevent piles. However, if you have undergone laser surgery for piles, you need to approach your exercise routine carefully to ensure that you do not aggravate the surgical site.

Piles, also know as hemorrhoids, is a collection of swollen and inflamed tissues that grow in the anal region. Piles may vary in size and can be found inside or outside the anus. The prevalence of piles is estimated to be 50% across the world, and 75% of the population suffer from piles in India. Piles develop when the tissues that protect anal region get inflamed and the anal passage becomes thin, stretched and irritated during bowel movements.

Piles laser surgery is a precise and safe procedure that allows you to return to your normal daily routine very quickly. But it is important that you follow your doctor’s instructions on when and how to reintroduce exercise to your daily life. When you can resume exercise, it is best for you to follow the exercises that improve circulation and promote regularity without causing you any risk of discomfort or injury.

After piles laser surgery, most of the people are able to safely engage in various activities within a week. However, these activities also rely on the severity of your disease, your general health and the types of surgery you have undergone. Read below to know more about when is the best and right time for you to start exercise after your piles laser treatment.

Walking After Piles Laser Surgery

Walking is accessible to everyone. It is one of the safest and most reliable exercises available after piles surgery. Begin with a gentle walking routine when your doctor suggests you to start exercise. Go with a pace that feels comfortable to you. You can walk 20-30 minutes a day. This helps you in preventing constipation and improves blood circulation in the rectal veins.

Kegel Exercise After Piles Laser Surgery

Kegel exercise strengthens the anal muscles. This simple exercise can help in improving blood circulation in the rectum. This helps in preventing new piles from being developed. You can perform kegel exercise by slowly contracting the muscles of the anus and then holding it for five seconds. Do this five times and repeat the same each day as many times as you like.

Flexibility Exercise After Piles Laser Surgery

After piles surgery, you need to avoid activities that can cause you to strain or lift heavy weights. Instead, you can work on your muscles and improve the range of motion with stretching and the flexibility-focused activities. You can do yoga because of its low-impact nature and ability to reduce stress while improving strength and flexibility. Some yoga poses may also potentially boost blood circulation in anal region. If you want to start yoga or other flexibility exercises, take a class or speak with a trainer at your gym.

Recovery After Piles Laser Surgery

You will start to feel better after 2-3 days post the surgical procedure, especially if you are able to keep your bowel movements soft or slightly loose. However, pain can increase if your stool becomes hard or if straining becomes necessary for you to have a bowel movement. During the recovery, you should avoid constipation in as many ways as possible. You should also remember that the medications that are often prescribed for the recovery period, are also known to cause constipation.

Hence, if you routinely take constipation medication then you might need more than your typical regimen in order to prevent constipation. Moreover, you will be able to start your non-strenuous activities 48 hours post your piles laser surgery, and you can resume all daily life normal activities within a week.

Your Diet After Piles Laser Surgery

Your doctor will recommend dietary changes to prevent the pain. This includes a diet rich in fiber to soften the stool and instructions to drink adequate water throughout the recovery period. Usually, a minimum 8 glasses of water is recommended to drink per day. Doing all these help in quick recovery. Also, talk to your doctor if you notice any change in your stool.

Pain After Piles Laser Surgery

You may experience mild or almost no pain in the first 1-2 days post your piles laser surgery. However, the patients who have other surgical methods to remove piles, typically experience more pain. Also, the level of pain a patient experiences after piles treatment relate directly to the type of treatment procedure, the severity of the disease and the consistency of stool during bowel movements throughout the recovery period. Since, laser surgery is a modern and advanced treatment procedure, this usually leads to minimal pain and discomfort after treatment.

Return To Normal Activities After Piles Laser Surgery

It is important to let mild pain become your guide when resuming daily life normal activities. Because you may feel mild pain while bending, squatting, lifting or changing your posture or position. During this period, you should avoid or minimize all activities that are painful in the first few days after your surgical treatment.


Piles is undoubtedly one of the most painful and hard to bear diseases that the people have to deal with. The embarrassment is yet another deal that disturbs patients the most, be it general conversation or for treatment itself. But thanks to laser treatment, such issues are not prevalent anymore. Laser treatment cures piles for once and all. It is a painless and bloodless procedure that does not bug the patient and boosts their confidence.

Like any other piles treatment, piles laser treatment also requires healing time. However, the recovery time of laser treatment is shorter than other treatments. Also, the recovery time varies from person to person. But in most of the cases, it takes the patient around a week to heal completely. You can resume your normal activities including exercise 2-3 days after surgical procedure. However, it is quite important to consult your doctor before restarting exercises.

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