8 Secrets to Earning More with Survey Sites

8 Secrets to Earning More with Survey Sites

Everyone loves earning some extra money. With the internet, one can make more money by taking online surveys. Various factors will determine how much money you will make from online surveys. However, not all individuals using the same survey site will make the same amount of money. Here are tips on how to maximize daily or weekly earnings using paid survey sites.

1. Create a new email address and join multiple panels

To avoid getting an excess influx of emails, come up with a new email address specifically for use on survey sites. Not only does this help in organizing tasks, but it also protects personal emails. After creating an email address, sign up to various survey sites. Joining many survey panels is advisable to maximize the number of earnings. However, signing up to many websites and failing to respond to invitations may lead to loss of opportunities. Therefore, ensure the number of sites joined is manageable. Since it is hard to remember passwords for each survey site, make use of password managers or save passwords on browsers.


2. Have an updated profile with all relevant information

Survey sites ask people to take part in surveys after considering the information provided during registration. Thus, all information provided during sign up should be accurate and detailed to avoid cases of disqualification from a study. Include all relevant information like income, age, gender, level of education and hobbies. A captivating survey profile increases a participant’s earning potential. Filling up all profile information in a survey site barely takes 30 minutes. Thus, a participant should ensure they provide added information like the devices they own and the cars they drive for a long-term benefit. After some time, you should update your profile regularly to boost earnings. Moreover, it is a crucial step since it expands the number and categories of surveys in which one can participate.

3. Increase the amount of time spent on survey sites

Please do not rush to answer questions without thinking them through. Many research companies and survey sites can quickly tell if an answer is genuine or not. Consequently, take a sufficient amount of time to read and understand all questions and carefully provide responses. A thoughtful and honest survey taker increases their chances of getting higher-paid surveys. However, providing the wrong answers may lead to disqualification from participating in a specific survey site. A survey taker can choose to take a long time-consuming survey and earn 10-15$ or take many short surveys that pay less. Different survey sites have different modes of payment. Some websites pay using cash while others use points that have a monetary value. Additionally, some panels pay better than others, depending on the type of survey completed.

4. Be knowledgeable and versatile

To earn more money when conducting surveys, have a clear understanding of the topic or subject in question. Try out different activities, use different brands, and read all relevant material to stay updated and open-minded. The more knowledge a survey taker has on a particular topic, the less time they will take to answer the questions. Also, researchers are often interested in public opinions regarding different current affairs. Therefore, staying updated on politics, sports, and the weather, among other current issues, is a great way to maximize earnings.

Moreover, shopping is a great way to increase knowledge on various topics. Numerous surveys are interested in knowing people’s shopping experiences and spending habits. In this case, many companies conduct surveys to understand how they can improve their services or products. So, anyone with a vast knowledge of products and services that companies offer has an added advantage to make more money on survey sites.

5. Watch out for new offers on different survey sites

Companies only allow a small number of people to take part in surveys that come up. Since the number of surveyors is large, anyone seeking to make a lucrative amount of money should be alert. Frequent checks in the email inbox and use of app notification can be helpful. Moreover, doing manual checks on survey sites helps to take part in surveys whose companies don’t send email notifications. Ensure that all accounts on different survey sites stay active. There should be complete reviews on each website every three to four weeks to avoid closure of an account due to inactivity. Additionally, some survey sites have additional features which allow a user to make more money. The features include but not limited to polls, playing games and watching videos.


6. Refrain from being choosy when selecting online surveys

Anyone seeking to have a steady flow of income from online surveys should not be too picky. Having an open mind and taking on challenges increases one’s credibility in the online survey industry. Regardless of the amount of money a survey is paying, refrain from skipping the tasks. Participate in surveys that are long, short, well paying, less paying regardless of the topic. To avoid giving sketchy answers, do proper research on each subject before completing a survey. Less selective survey takers are likely to build a stable working relationship with a survey site compared to picky ones.

7. Make use of reward and referral programs

Referring to friends and families is another way to earn extra money from survey sites. Most sites allow a survey taker to earn bonuses, referral points or cash rewards when individuals join the site via referral. Some survey sites even give away gifts like mobile phones to referees. To boost earnings, a survey taker can apply for a referral program on the survey site. After that, the referral link can be posted to different social media platforms or messaged to friends.

8. Set aside time to complete surveys

Create a weekly schedule for completing surveys. The idea will help a survey taker from neglecting some survey sites and answer survey questions in an organized manner. The ideal time for one to answer survey questions is during non-work hours. Creating time to respond to the survey questions allows one to concentrate and give the most relevant and appropriate answer.

Participating in paid surveys is an easy and quick way to make money from the comfort of a home. Take time to learn various subjects, be open-minded and take part in numerous surveys to earn more money. Make great use of the tips above to maximize earnings on any survey site.

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