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f you are looking for TamilRockers you are in the right place. You want to download latest Telugu, Tamil Hindi dubbed movies the TamilRockers is the best site to download or Watch Online.

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The TamilRockers is a Public Pirated Website is created in 2011 by Rockers Group of Tamil. This Website uploads latest Tamil, Telugu, English dubbed movies on its website on a release date. In 2011 the TamilRockers site was broken record of its popularity.

TamilRockers provides pirated movies on its site. There are also provide some cool features like TamilRocks forum, admin panel, Comment system, Pirated software, Proxy, etc. They provide the best of best which the user can request to him.

The TamilRockers is a bootleg recording site on that time but after on users demand it transferred to a (Public Torrent Site ) torrent site. In 2011 TamilRockers Punjabi Movies get popularity because of Bollywood, Hollywood movies also it provides Tamil Movies Download online.

The TamilRockers site popularity is not limited to India. It can be visited by other country people to TamiRocks website download movies online. Also, other website creators can get content for his website by TamilRockers.

TamilRockers Latest Update

This site has been banned by the Indian Government because of its illegal activities. The site admin has changed its domain when its block and redirect to the main domain. They create a new domain on every block.

After the hard work we got some old URLs of Tamil Rockers there are listed below:

  1. tamilrockers.com
  2. tamilrockers.net
  3. tamilrockers.ac
  4. tamilrockers.tw
  5. tamilrockers.ws
  6. tamilrockers.re
  7. tamilrockers.km
  8. tamilrockers.ai
  9. tamilrockers.bz
  10. tamilrockers.tr
  11. tamilrockers.gr
  12. tamilrockers.li
  13. tamilrockers.nz
  14. tamilrockers.lu
  15. tamilrockers.be
  16. tamilrockers.cx
  17. tamilrockers.co
  18. tamilrockers.lv
  19. tamilrockers.tz
  20. tamilrockers.ta
  21. tamilrockers.cz
  22. tamilrockers.to
  23. tamilrockers.tel
  24. tamilrockers.la
  25. tamilrockers.ai
  26. tamilrockers.cl
  27. tamilrockers.hn
  28. tamilrockers.az
  29. tamilrockers.vu
  30. tamilrockers.vc
  31. tamil rockers.la
  32. tamilrockers.da
  33. tamil rockers.in
  34. tamil rockers.mx
  35. tamilrockers.mv
  36. tamilrockers.ru
  37. tamilrockers.az
  38. tamilrockers .la
  39. tamilrockers.vs
  40. tamilrockers.mz
  41. tamil rockers.ws
  42. tamilrockers.by
  43. tamilrockers.ph
  44. tamilrockers.bz
  45. tamilrockers.cl
  46. tamilrockers.to
  47. tamilrockers.tel
  48. tamilrockers.la

All the above URLs of TamilRocks are old.


Please don’t visit pirated sites. It is Illegal in the internet industry. The onthemarc strongly oppose this type of website. The downloading and uploading of pirated movies is illegal in the law of India.

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