The Coolest Graffiti Apps Out There

The Coolest Graffiti Apps Out There

When people think about graffiti, they typically focus on its negative aspects. However, graffiti is an art form filled with rich social tradition. It is often inspirational or used to spread awareness about the struggles that people go through every single day. There are many different benefits to graffiti and a whole realm of possibilities, especially now that the art form has been transformed by technology.

Mobile apps are now available that can help you design graffiti, learn how to perfect the craft, and even share pictures of it with specific groups to bring awareness to social causes. I’d love to suggest this website as a great place to start on your search for the best graffiti mobile apps.

Great Graffiti Apps

Whether you just want to make a building more beautiful, brighten up a bleak, urban scene, or make your cause known, these apps can help you become an impactful graffiti artist.

Bring Some Life to an Urban Setting

Sometimes, people who spend their entire day in the city, whether it’s working in an office with a view or making deliveries, need something to spruce up the drab and dreary buildings. Graffiti can be a positive reminder to them that the world is not all monochromatic concrete and that life is full of color and excitement.

Many businesses that have an open sidewall have begun commissioning graffiti artists to draw attention to their store as well. If you want to create graffiti-style art that sends a positive message and even gets you paid, these mobile apps can help you get design ideas and training before your big projects.

Open Up Doors to Self Expression

Similarly, these apps can help you take a phrase or an idea and change it into an art form. Graffiti is often message-based, centralizing around a certain phrase or idea and expanding on it through art. If you want to express yourself and tell the world about who you are, doing it through art is such a powerful outlet.

In a world of social media posts, people seem to think that people will actually take the time to read a long, wordy post. However, many people who see more than a paragraph will just keep scrolling. Don’t try to draw attention to your ideas through too many words. Instead, take a phrase or an idea and let it flourish in art, catching the attention of viewers and drawing them into a new world and a new way of thinking.

Raise Awareness

In the same way, graffiti will capture the attention of an audience much more quickly than shouting from the street corner or posting long-winded rants on social media. If you want your voice to be heard, try sending the message in a more aesthetically pleasing way. Graffiti can send impactful messages to a large audience since people will drive by it every single day. It’s almost like renting a billboard, except people have learned to ignore advertisements. Instead, you have an art form through which you can capture their attention.

Once you’ve captured their attention with beautiful art, your piece can point to social injustices that people need to be more aware of. Instead of trying the same approach to raising awareness through social media, you can post an eye-catching picture of graffiti that sends a message. These mobile apps can help you spread your message to the world in a way that will actually be appreciated.


Words, words, words…that’s all people scroll through on a daily basis on their phones. In a world of angry words, these mobile apps can help you be art, and art is something that people might actually take a moment to lean into.

Maria Fernsby

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