8 Minimal Ideas to Redesign Your Bedroom

8 Minimal Ideas to Redesign Your Bedroom

Our bedroom is a place that offers comfort when the days are blue and allows you some personal space to relax. But over the years, the decor pieces may have started to fall apart and could have gone out of style. For a fresh look, what you need to do is declutter the space and rethink the furnishings for a minimalistic Bedroom Design. So, here are eight minimal ideas to decorate your bedroom.

Stick with Bare Walls

A minimalistic bedroom design encourages you to stick with bare walls as it gives a clean and clutter-free look. But this does not mean you avoid hanging anything on the walls. Putting up a specific number of photos or artworks and straying away from the decorative style section of the store can really bring a minimal look. Instead of art, opt for a textured wall with a plaster finish or wallpaper that blends with the colour palette of the room.

Go for a Limited Palette

Opting for a limited palette doesn’t translate to blacks, whites and greys. You can surely explore beyond such colours but avoiding a complex combination of shades and bright hues is the key to a minimalistic bed design. With monochrome shades of a specific colour, you can match your decor and furnishings for a serene and relaxed look.

Get Things Decluttered

It is time to have a neat bedside table and put all those collectables inside. You can arrange your books, CDs, jewellery, etc. in a more minimalistic way without any excess mess. This way your bedroom design will have more free space with no ruffled drapes, posters, and decorative furnishings. You can get decor pieces having clean lines and chic finish. A solid-coloured rug that doesn’t hinder the space visually can be added to the room as well.

Add Small Touches

Though the idea is to have a clean and simple decor in your room, you can add small personal touches to match your vibe. Opt for artwork with a limited colour scheme and photo frames without the fancy frills. The key to getting it right is by avoiding usage of big floral print, busy wallpaper print, or any complicated design that overwhelms the room. Some solid, neutral coloured drapes, accessories, pillows, etc. can be your best bet!

Opt for Simple Bed Design

Get a sleek bed having clean lines without the elaborate four-poster bed, canopies, or sleigh beds. A simple look can go a long way in making your room interior design look minimalistic. With some solid coloured bed cover, bed pillows and textured throw pillows, you won’t have to scratch your head much to get it right.

Create a Symmetry

A balanced look goes easy on the eyes without any decor piece standing out too much. So, create symmetry by paying attention to the size of your room and type of furniture you have. Arrange some furnishings and accessories to make everything look orderly and spacious. You will soon have cleared some mess and immediately feel a sense of comfort.

Have Enough Storage

You shall find simple storage cabinets and cupboards to go with your minimal style. As it’s your bedroom, you are bound to have belongings and things that you require every day. A minimalistic look wouldn’t mean you put your things away! So, have enough storage possessing a neat design and neutral colour palette.

Put up Some Plants

Going eco-friendly with a few indoor plants can help bring some natural colour to your room. It could be a small succulent on your bedside table or a tiny terrarium for a simplistic appearance. If you can fit big potted plants in your place and make it work, do not hesitate, and go for it!

With these minimalistic ideas, your bedroom will be as good as new and ready to create some memories of its own!

Maria Fernsby

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