How to Choose Lingerie for Your Wife

How to Choose Lingerie for Your Wife

Any man will be happy to see his beloved girlfriend in some sexy lingerie. Imagine this amazing charm of flowing silk, the delicacy of light lace, and the touching innocence of cotton. Lingerie can literally transform a woman, to the delight of her and her partner.

Why do men rarely indulge their loved ones with such gifts?

Here are the main reasons for that:

· “I do not know her size;”

· “Not sure if she will like it;”

· “I am shy about buying lingerie;”


Lingerie is a great intimate gift, showing that your relationship has moved to a new level. This is a special degree of trust when you are no longer just a couple, but literally two parts of one entity – a loving couple.

Believe me, women will gladly accept both an elegant peignoir and a playful erotic outfit.

It is often more difficult for a woman to dress up for a date than a man. Spinning in front of a mirror, she asks herself the same questions as you do in a lingerie store. By purchasing attractive lingerie, you do more than just a gift to her – it is a sign of great affection.

By the way, about salesmen – don’t be afraid of them. In a good store, a consultant knows exactly how to choose women’s underwear. They will become your lifesavers and Google search engine, all rolled into one, will make it quite easy for you to choose a fitting piece of lingerie. Being able to choose a great piece of lingerie will come in handy if you plan on meeting a foreign wife.

Greenlight to the internet

Buying lingerie over the Internet is much easier than in a real-life store. Of course, in a boutique, you could touch the material, but often it’s enough to simply describe what you need to get what you want.

Buying online saves time. Lingerie will be beautifully packed and delivered to your address at a convenient time for you.

You can even send your purchase straight home. On this day, you should return early – it is quite likely that a woman will meet you in the new clothes right away.

So, you are ready to please the chosen one with some elegant lingerie. It’s time to move on to the issue of choosing the right gift.

Determine the size

It is very simple – check the size of a piece of lingerie that you like. On the panty tag, you will see the letter XS, S, M, X, or XL. This is the size designation, just like on your T-shirt.

It will be a little more complicated with a bra: there, you will see a combination of numbers and letters, for example, 75C. Here, “C” is the size of the bra cups, and “75” is the volume of the chest.

Always check the underwear that a woman wears right now. Remember that she could gain or lose weight from last summer when she wore a thong or swimsuit. It would also be nice to know a thing or two about a manufacturing company. Some companies produce small-sized products – and there is nothing worse than a piece of lingerie that is too tight.

Sometimes you can see the words “One size” on models. This means that the item is made of very elastic material and it will fit a lot of sizes at once.

Which model is the best?

Not sure how to choose women’s underwear? First of all, decide when exactly your woman will wear it.

The “everyday” kit should be primarily convenient. Take a look in the closet and see which models your woman prefers. Focus on color and material, as well as style. Remember, she will feel this underwear on herself much longer than you will see it. So convenience is at the forefront.

When choosing erotic lingerie, focus on both her preferences and your own taste – it is very important that you really like the chosen outfit.

For women with large breasts, a bra with a rigid cup will be great. It will give the bust an attractive shape and relieve stress from the spine. Also, do not buy her thong panties, if there are none in her wardrobe. Perhaps they are simply uncomfortable to her. Learn more about the types of women’s underwear here.

What not to buy

First of all, there is a complete taboo on corrective underwear, unless the woman herself asked for such a set. Believe me, for women, the thought “I gained weight,” seasoned with “he noticed it,” is as heartbreaking as it can get.

Know the limits. Do not uncontrollably embody your own fantasies, choosing flashy-bright bras with low cups or fashionable C-thongs that cover only the crotch zone. Remember, a woman will not be able to feel relaxed in linen that is uncomfortable for her.

Pay attention to the material. Perhaps she is allergic to synthetic lace or prefers only natural fabrics.

When choosing clothes, temporarily discard the attractive image of a model advertising a corset or anything else. Try to imagine your woman in the selected outfit. Consider her skin tone, hair color, and body type.

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