When we are young, moving to a new city, exploring new places were all goals. But as we grew up, we started realizing that it is not as easy as we thought it would be. Whether we move to a new city as a student or for a job, a lot of things that need to be considered. Especially if it’s metropolitan Mumbai city, starting from rent to food, safety, everything needs to be taken into consideration.


As we all know, Mumbai’s cost of living is higher than any other place in India. This is major because of the population and demand. It has a lot of opportunities, and people keep moving to Mumbai in search of jobs. But it is possible to find a lot of hostels in Mumbai that provide you with all the amenities at a cheaper rate.


Everywhere in Mumbai, you get food, from jumbo vada pavs to pizzas, burgers, and much more. You will find food in Mumbai for every budget. You can easily cut your food budget in Mumbai if you look for a hostel that can provide you with food also.  You can keep your spending in check if you stop spending more on food from outside.

Monthly bills

Instead of giving your clothes for washing and ironing from outside, some of the hostels come with those facilities attached inclusive of the rent. You can opt for them and save a lot of money every month. Few hostels even provide Wi-Fi for free.


Transportation costs vary according to the area you live in. So, try to stay close to your offices or colleges if your budget allows. Local trains are regarded as the lifeline of Mumbai. Many private cab operators are operating in Mumbai today, and you might choose their cabs to share mode.

Fun and relaxation

People in Mumbai say they work harder and also have fun harder on the idea of living. Visiting marine drive with friends is the perfect way to relax on the weekend. Many malls and theatres surround the city. There are many beautiful parks around the city as well. If you are an adventurous person, there are also many treks happening around Mumbai where you can have maximum fun in a budget-friendly way.

Although living in Mumbai is the best way to stay afloat at the beginning of the month if you have a simple plan. There may be some disparity in living costs in Mumbai, depending on where and in which area you stay. Among all the expenses, rent is the biggest, so you have to be wise in choosing the best hostels in Mumbai to save money. Even food is cheaper in Mumbai than accommodations and transport.

It might look scary to go to a new city, find a job or a place to live on your own. But the internet services has made it very easy for us as everything can be done online these days. You can find fun activities, or hostels, or excellent restaurants, everything online to save a lot of time.


Maria Fernsby

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