How to Make the Best Block Puzzle That People Will Love Playing

How to Make the Best Block Puzzle That People Will Love Playing

Scientists and puzzlers have confirmed that playing block puzzles is fun. As an app developer, you need to continue developing more exciting games. 

Here are some techniques you can use to develop a gaming app with logic puzzles in mind: 

1. Create an Easy Puzzle That Everyone Can Enjoy

With so many puzzle apps in the market that give players excitement, you don’t want to add a boring app that’ll demoralize its users. Therefore, you need to adopt a strategy of creating an app that will be many players’ favorite. Most block puzzle novice players like to start with easy levels. The app you develop shouldn’t throw them into complex tasks with no clues. And so you want to develop an app that has progressive levels starting with the easiest levels before moving to the difficult ones.

Many people across the world enjoy playing block puzzles. It unifies gamers of all ages. The game with simple mechanics combined with hours of entertainment is Tetris, and it has been the source of inspiration for many gaming concepts that have become a big success on their own.  Think of Blockudoku, Block! Hexa Puzzle, etc. 

This is a factor you may want to consider when developing an app. Building a new gaming concept inspired by a proven design that brings gamers together, providing engaging mechanics, clean and straightforward, is always a good starting point for your game app development. 

The best block puzzle games of 2020 are all inspired by the Tetris mechanics and simplicity. 

2. Use a Cheap Program to Develop the App

Most people who play games on their smartphones prefer downloading free apps or those that cost them less. Coupled with that, several apps on the internet can be downloaded for free. Therefore, it may not be wise to use an expensive program to create your app. Using a cheaper one is just fine.

However, if you intend to sell your app, you can use expensive software. That may require you to give players a trial period to use the app to play for a week or a month before purchasing it. To ensure you’re not exploited, block some advanced features, and live the users to experience fun with the most basic ones. Players who’ll be thrilled by your app may decide to buy it. That’s when you can unblock the advanced features. 

If you want to make your exceptional from the rest, invest more in programs that create 3D puzzles. 3D games offer a better visual experience, though they may require a lot more work from you. 

3. Develop an App That Can be Supported on All Devices

With many people using mobile devices to play games, you need to develop an app compatible with many of them. As you create the app, ensure it has an excellent resolution to make it visible on all screens and operating systems. 

It also needs to be the light to fit into devices that have low memory. The last thing you want to hear is a bad review from a dissatisfied customer who couldn’t install the app or found it to be slow on his device.

The Bottom-line

With so many block puzzle apps on the internet, you need to create one that either matches or surpasses them. And because there are both young and old players, your app needs to consider the differences in their intelligence levels.

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