What are the Bombay Stock Exchange Features?

What are the Bombay Stock Exchange Features?


 In this article we will see all about BSE. It creates a lot of development for the Indian economy. This plays a major role in the development of trading. Here the trading means stock exchange. BSE is India’s largest stock exchange market. The increment and decrement are calculated by the Sensex. The whole market is established in Bombay in 1875. Premchand and Roychand are the founders of the BSE. The first trade of the BSE has done to the Dutch East India Company. This article talk about the Bombay stock exchange features. India’s most equity index is the Sensex or the S&P BSE Sensex index. It is established in the year 1875. From its establishment, it takes many configurations, which helps it become the world’s fastest stock exchange. It has a speed of 6 microsecond, which makes it Asia’s fastest stock exchange.

Features of the Bombay stock exchange : 

The Bombay stock exchange is started near the banyan tree and knows it crosses its limits and establishes as one of the most stock exchanges in India. Electronic trading carries it to the largest stock exchange in the world after China. It also increases the growth of the Indian corporate sector by providing the capital-raising platform. It is interconnected to the more than 4,700 trading companies. Now in terms of transduction, it placed 5th position. BSE is the first stock exchange in India, which has the ISO 9000:2000 certification. It is also the first exchange in the country to obtain Information Security Management System Standard BS 7799-2-2002 certification. The website of the BSE is available in Hindi as well as in Gujarati. The largest market capitalization of BSE is more than $4.9 trillion in April 2018.

The mission of the BSE:  

The mission of the BSE is to promote the open learning environment, which brings the people culture, ideas, around the world, and changing the world with exciting and innovative programs. Through this type of learning, they create good and responsible leaders who create valuable things for their communities and their organizations. This is also Bombay stock exchange features.

Advantages of BSE :

  • Fund Raising and exit route to investors
  • Ready Marketability of Security
  • Ability to raise further capital
  • Supervision and Control of Trading in Securities
  • Fair Price for the Securities
  • Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information

How is the Sensex 30 stocks are selected: 

  • Listing History
  • Trading Frequency
  • Rank Based on the Market Capacity (Should be Among Top 100)
  • Market Capitalization Weight
  • Industry / Sector they Belong
  • Historical Record


 Here this article talking about the Bombay stock exchange features. Which are the backbone of the Indian economy and tells us about the importance of the BSE in India. The Bombay Stock Trade (BSE) is the first and biggest protections advertise in quite a while and were built up in 1875 as the Local Offer and Stock Agents’ Affiliation. Situated in Mumbai, India, the BSE records near 6,000 organizations and is probably the biggest trade on the planet, alongside the New York Stock Trade (NYSE), NASDAQ, London Stock Trade Gathering, Japan Trade Gathering, and Shanghai Stock Trade.

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