7 Best Restaurants in Halkidiki, Greece for a Date

7 Best Restaurants in Halkidiki, Greece for a Date

The restaurants of Halkidiki express their level through the dishes they offer – whether it is an excellent fish soup or pasta with lobster, as well as fish dishes or seafood dishes. Perhaps even the restaurants that are located a bit far from the beaten paths of the Halkidiki peninsula are worth giving them a try, especially since there you will find a perfect atmosphere for a romantic date.

  •     Terkenlis

Confectionery Terkenlis was founded in 1948 and has since been the hallmark of Thessaloniki.

The chain’s oldest store is located at the crossroads of Tsimiski and Aristotelus, and the heady aromas from the confectionery shop, which no one can resist, fill almost the entire area of ​​Aristotelus, being a characteristic feature of the city. Tsoureki, a popular Greek salty or sweet pastry is the best in Terkenlis, but these confectioneries have also acquired a large assortment of other products over their 70-year history. Traditional sweets, muffins, pastries, cakes, pies, and other dishes, hot and cold snacks, ice cream, coffee, salads, and main dishes. All products are manufactured in their own factory in N. Redesto, Termi, Thessaloniki, based on many years of recipes, with love and thoroughness, using high-quality ingredients and the desire to best meet the needs of customers.

A perfect place for those who prefer a sweet romantic evening.

  •     Mple Seaside Gastrobar

The Mple Seaside Gastrobar restaurant is a small fabulous blue and white house, located on the very shore of the sea. Mple Seaside Gastrobar is distinguished by its excellent cuisine and special atmosphere. This is a place of absolute pleasure – a taste and musical journey, with a beautiful view of the sea.

So, wherever you are on the Halkidiki Peninsula, do not fail to visit the Furki embankment! There you will probably meet a lot of hot Eastern European women.

  •     Ella’s taverna

A special tasting awaits you in the tavern, where the chef will serve you a meal literally the way you want. All the recipes are made with great enthusiasm and joy. The owners and employees of Ella’s want to serve you so that you remember the tavern wherever you go.

In a beautiful and comfortable room, you can spend carefree and wonderful hours with meals while listening to music in a special setting. Or you can invite your loved one to this place to share the joy of such a romantic atmosphere with someone else.

  •     Tavern Villa Stasa

In the picturesque village of Loutra tis Agiyas Paraskevis (Thermal baths of St. Paraskeva), directly next to the thermal springs, the VillaStasa tavern is located. This is a spot that can boast of a unique view of the sea from its balconies.

It is waiting to give you a real holiday of taste, while the tavern chef always strives to serve deliciously prepared dishes to the table quickly, without delay.

All the products are locally produced, always fresh, and carefully selected with care for you. As you can see, Greek taverns and food places in general are quite selective in their choice of products, and often they are grown at a spot and prepared due to authentic recipes.

  •     Kassandra’s Balcony Restaurant

In the beautiful side streets of Chaniotis, the Greek restaurant Kassandra’s Balcony is located. In a modern and comfortable room, guests are offered a rich menu, including Greek specialties, made from the freshest local products and ingredients.

Try magirefta, grilled meats, fish, meze snacks, as well as vegetable and fruit salads. Traditional Greek tinctures or cool wine can be a good accompaniment to your meal.

  •     Metohi tavern

The Metohi tavern is situated high on a hill, along a forest road from Kassandria to Sani, from where a panoramic view of the Thermal and Toronean Gulfs opens on both sides.

You can enjoy a wide selection of dishes prepared with locally produced meat on a spit or grill, as well as carefully selected salads and snacks while admiring the beautiful sunset. Those who discover Metohi become regulars!

  •     Kritikos restaurant

Since 1977, the Criticos Restaurant has been offering its visitors delicious Mediterranean cuisine with all the traditional dishes and the best fish from Sigitikos Gulf – the one you haven’t eaten anywhere else.

In Mediterranean cuisine, apart from a variety of fresh vegetables, herbs, and meat from the local region, seafood that is caught deep in the sea near Mount Athos is used, which, according to experts, is best suited to a balanced, tasteful diet.

Rich fish soups, fresh fish from the north of the Aegean Sea, and traditional dishes make up the very best menu for fine dining and wine tasting. This chic place will also make a perfect destination for your romantic evening walk.


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