How do I choose a good oven?

How do I choose a good oven?

The oven is one of the most important appliances in the entire kitchen. A good oven will allow us to make delicious cakes, pizzas, roasts, fish and any dish we can imagine. The problem arises when we see the great variety of models that exist in the market. How to choose the best electric oven?

In the following lines we will talk a little about the different ovens that you can see on the market, as well as the options in their basic functions and what you should look to choose well.

Different types of electric ovens for the house

Electric ovens have evolved a lot. Today we can find a lot of options that will adapt to each of our needs. We can find, for example, with conventional electric ovens. The widest range on the market, the ovens of a lifetime, those that heat the air through a resistance located at the top and also at the bottom. This is a basic but also interesting, especially in second homes or houses for rent per day.

On websites like, you can find comparisons of the different models of electric ovens that exist in the market, such as prices, capacity, ratings and power.

There is also best microwave oven. These cook a little faster than the previous ones and consume less electricity. They are smaller but they are also cheaper.

The most widely used today are multifunction ovens. These ovens have many functions among their programs. They incorporate a grill and convection, as well as several trays, with which two dishes can be cooked at the same time.

Basic functions of any electric oven

Although an oven can have infinity of functions and programs, we should mark the basic ones to try to buy an oven that is functional. For example, an oven that features both upper and lower heat, which is the most elementary function of all.

The function of the grill is also very interesting, as it will help us gratin certain foods such as good baked macaroni, pizza, or pie. In addition they can also incorporate the air function, very useful for making meat roasts faster.

If you want to save time, you should look for an electric oven that includes the function of defrosting and quick preheating, ideal for the hectic pace of life of any city.

Energy efficiency and savings in electric ovens

Let’s not forget that electric ovens are one of the most energy-consuming appliances in a home. Yes, considering that electricity is not exactly cheap, it may be better to inform us of which ovens are the most suitable for saving energy. When buying any appliance, you must observe the power in the specifications. You will notice that built-in electric ovens consume much more energy than electric desktop ovens. Brands are required to put a sticker on household appliances indicating the degree of energy efficiency. As we have mentioned that you can compare different types and brands of microwave ovens on, if you are really interested then learn more on the website.


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