The best cat chew toys you can buy right now

The best cat chew toys you can buy right now

Some cats like a good chew. If you have one of them, you’ll need to provide it with an acceptable alternative to the shoelaces, wires, leather shoes, and other items that it finds tempting, but you want to keep spick and span.

Cats chewing is generally treated as abnormal. It’s a condition known as “pica”. Siamese cats are pica cats. It can be a warning sign indicating dental disease or even abdominal pain, so it’s worth getting your pet checked by the vet.

Having said that teething kittens aged between 4 and 7 months of age, often chew anything they can see, but this is more often than not a temporary aberration.

What you do find is that there a lot of kitty cats that like to lick and chew bits of plastic or chips of Styrofoam. This has been attributed by some to the animal by-products that are contained in those items. Others think this is done by some cats because they like the noise they can make!

Whatever the reason,m it’s advisable to keep this sort of item out of your cat’s reach. Some cats like to chew on plants. They find the crunchy, stiff leaves of flora like the spider plant absolutely irresistible! Small bowls of grass are a big hit with this sort of cat.

Cats can also find frozen raw marrow bones and raw frozen spare-rib bones very attractive., the benefit is that they are also very healthy for cats to get their teeth into, and if that’s not enough, they are also very useful for cleaning cat teeth.

However, it is a rare cat that likes to chew on toys. As a result, it’s not generally necessary to purchase them for adult cats. But as with everything there are exceptions. And some cats love to chew.

If you are having difficulty finding cat chew toys that your kitty loves then use this site. It features several cat-specific chew toys and the products may also be suitable and attractive for your teething kittens. They offer cats that like to chew a very satisfying feeling.

The toys featured are all safe. So if your cat or kitten loves to chew for whatever reason then some of the toys on the website may well be worth your consideration.

The iPetCompanion people have scoured the internet and done all the necessary research, so they are able to provide a list of what they think are the best chew toys for your cats.

For each of the toys reviewed the researchers have taken an in-depth look, stated the pros and cons, and awarded each of them with a mark out of five.

There are some particularly good choices. When it comes to chewy food, it’s worth remembering that cats are very sensitive to carbohydrates. This means that jerky-type treats tend to be more appropriate than carb-rich biscuits. It also needs to be borne in mind that edible chews do add calories, so your cat’s diet may need to be adjusted accordingly.


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