Water Borne Disease Protection Insurance For Waterborne Diseases In India

Water Borne Disease Protection Insurance For Waterborne Diseases In India

A larger part of the world is covered by water bodies among which India has only 4% of freshwater of the world. One of the worst by-products of such lack of resources is misuse as well as over-usage. Records suggest around 21% of the diseases occurring in India are water-borne. As per 2015 data, around 329,000 children under the age of 5 suffered from dieseases like diarrhoea. Some of the common water borne diseases that Indian citizens suffer from is Cholera, Malaria, Typhoid, etc.

However, the treatments may be long-term, and the costs can be substantial depending on the severity of the disease which can be heavy on your pocket. As the occurrence of such diseases may be sudden, paying the hefty medical bills may swipe away a major portion of your savings. To manage such costs of sudden medical treatment various financial institutions and NBFCs offer insurance plans like water borne disease cover at an affordable premium against a considerable sum assured.

What do these water borne diseases insurance plans cover?

  1. Hospitalisation

The hospitalisation costs may become expensive, which can put a burden on your pocket. To manage such costs you can avail financial help form these water borne diseases health insurance plans and bear such heavy expenses required for the treatment of your disease.

Additionally, you can also avail schemes like hospital cash cover at affordable yearly premium and a considerable sum assured. Such plans may also provide a daily cash allowance to manage the required day-to-day expenses.

  1. Doctor fees

Such water borne diseases insurance policy also provides financial assistance to manage the expenses required for visiting a doctor before and after your treatment and hospitalisation. You can go for routine check-ups without the stress of expensive doctor visits.

  1. Medicines

The treatment of water borne diseases may be long-term, and the expenses of the medicines can be a burden on your pocket. To help you manage the costs of medication taken before and after the hospitalisation, NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv offers you Water Borne Diseases Insurance Cover under the umbrella of Pocket Insurance schemes at an affordable annual premium.

  1. Other expenses

These water borne diseases insurance plans also offer financial assistance to meet other expenses such as room rent, ICU costs, ambulance costs, etc.

Additionally, to bear the costs of infections caused by water borne diseases, under the single umbrella of Pocket Insurance policies you can avail schemes like Infection Cover offered by Bajaj Finserv at an affordable premium. This plan also provides you financial help to meet several costs like hospitalisation, medicines, doctor’s fee, etc.

Besides, before you purchase an insurance plan, there are certain aspects that you should know to ensure a smooth application process.

  • Payment method

You can pay your premiums via any of the online payment methods such as UPI, net banking, account transfer, credit or debit card, etc.

  • Sum assured

You get to enjoy a considerable sum assured of Rs. 50,000 against a minimal annual premium of Rs. 349.

  • Application process

To purchase a water borne disease cover insurance policy, you will have to fill an online application form providing some basic personal and financial details on the official website of your insurer. After filling the form you can use any of the online payment methods to make the payment towards your premium.

In addition, do make sure to check the inclusions and exclusions of your plan to avoid issues at the time of filing a claim. Also, go through the terms and conditions of your scheme before making a purchase.


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