Do you need qualified personnel who take care of the packaging for your house move?

Do you need qualified personnel who take care of the packaging for your house move?

Moving is one of the vain stressful situations that each of us faces at least once in our life. Where to begin? How to put everything in boxes? What to throw away and what to leave? There are a lot of questions. So much needs to be done, and all this is accompanied by incredible hassle. Correctly organize the move and do without losses this article will help. It contains the main secrets of the apartment moving.

The professional packers and movers pay particular attention to this delicate phase of the work. People have been entrusting the transport of their furniture, household goods, antiques, works of art and particularly delicate materials to packers and movers’ care with satisfaction.

The staff takes care of the packaging using the best quality materials and carefully treating each individual object, making available to customers different packaging materials, numerous types of cardboard and bubble wrap, wooden containers and boxes of various sizes for any type of move or transportation.

The packers and movers Bangalore pay special attention to the safety of furniture and household goods.

The professionalism allows the company to provide complete support as regards the preparation of packaging capable not only of containing the goods but also of protecting it from bumps and scratches during transport.

Move your furniture safely

Removal packaging represents a fundamental part of the service: Packers and Movers Bangalore uses packaging, boxes and containers of all types, both standard and customized. Excellent packaging of furniture and material to be handled is essential during the transport phase.

They disassemble the most bulky furniture, such as kitchens and bedrooms, adequately packing every single element to ensure safe storage inside the van or the means of transport.

Boxes and containers

The company offers a vast assortment of packaging for furniture and household goods:

  • bubble wrap paper
  • corrugated cardboard boxes in different sizes
  • canned goods for household goods and furnishings
  • pallets for bulky transport
  • wooden chest
  • belts and belts for safety
  • transport supports

The staff takes care of the packaging using the best quality materials and carefully treating every single object: both the complete furniture and the contents of the furniture are packed. After securing, the goods are carefully stored inside the vehicle, to ensure maximum quality of transport.

Special customized packaging

In the case of exceptional goods, oversize furniture or difficult-to-move products such as pianos, the Rome-based company carries out the preparation of completely customized packaging: the company collaborates with numerous suppliers throughout Italy with which it realizes complex structures for transport in all product safety.

For the transport of art objects

There are also numerous proposals for the safe transport of works of art, statues, antique furniture, antiques: we offer highly professional tailor-made packaging, with polystyrene structures that cushion shocks and repair the product from any kind of impact. Thanks to the experience gained in the field, workers in the packaging and protection of the objects to be transported use top quality materials: triple wave cardboard boxes, antistatic and shockproof bags, modular cases in cardboard or wood approved for export, cartons, bubble wrap, and pallets. Each service is carried out with the latest generation of means and equipment to meet all the needs of the customer in mono elastic and efficient.


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