Heart surgeon: Change of heart, what he has learned to save your life

The average cost of the best cardiac surgeon in India stands to be low in comparison to the western countries of the world. The cost of surgery in comparison to the rest of the world stands to be on the lower side. You could confer the fact that it is low to developed countries of the world.

The definition of an open heart surgery

  • During the course of the surgery the heart of the patient is opened and then you perform a surgery
  • The term open would mean the chest and this should not relate to your heart. You could open or close the heart and this does depend upon the surgery type
  • The surgeon does understand the limitation of hypothermia. The repairs of the heart take a lot of time and at the same time the patient needs a lot of blood flow to the body. This is in particular reference to the brain. The functions of the brain along with the heart are restored by an artificial method. This goes by the name of cardiopulmonary bypass

This type of surgery is needed to undertake a coronary bypass surgery. Normally patients who suffer from coronary heart disease are part of this surgery. This disorder does occur when the blood vessels that are known to supply oxygen along with blood become narrow and makes it hard to pass. You can term this condition as the hardening of the arteries. If the blood flow does not occur directly to the heart, chances of a heart attack increase.

The ideal candidate for this type of surgery

  • Any patient who is under the age of 70 years and happens to be in an affordable condition can be termed as a candidate for open heart surgery
  • The patient is less than 30 pounds and is ready to make necessary changes to your lifestyle

At what condition this surgery is normally undertaken?

You normally go on to undertake open heart surgery when

  • You would need to repair or replace the heart valves which does allow the blood to pass through the heart
  • A deceased or damaged heart is being replaced with a donated heart. This also goes by the name of heart tan
  • The abnormal or the damaged areas of the heart is prone to defect
  • The medical devices that can be installed to help the heart function in a normal manner.

How can you expect the heart surgery to be performed?

As per medical experts the entire course of the surgery would take around 4 to 6 hours and series of steps are suggested in this regard

  • Normally the patient is given general anaesthesia to ensure that you are going to sleep and necessary experience would be gained during the course of surgery.
  • The surgeon is going to make incision around the 8 to 10 inch mark. This would be through all or part of the breastbone so that the heart is exposed
  • The heart is visible, and then you go on to connect the patient to a bypass lung machine. In doing so it moves the blood away from the heart which means that the surgeon can operate in an effective manner
  • A healthy artery or vein will be used by him to ensure a new passage around the artery that is blocked. Then the breastbone is closed while leaving the wire inside the body. Then you can observe the original cut.

It does make sense to opt for the best cardiac surgeon in India as they have the necessary experience in this domain.

The preparations you need to take before you opt for the surgery?

  • Do discuss your health care provider about the drugs that you are taking. This would include vitamins along with over the counter medicines
  • Mostly the doctor would ask you to cut down on smoking two weeks before the surgery
  • The doctor would ask you to stop consumption of blood thinning medicines
  • The day before the surgery the medical staff would give you a special soap to wash off the bacteria on the skin. This would go on to reduce the chances of infection once the surgery is over.
  • You are not allowed to drink or eat anything after midnight on the date of the surgery
  • The doctor is going to give you detailed instructions on how to take care of yourself once the surgery is over.

What are the general expectations once the surgery is over?

  • Once the surgery is over you are likely to have 3 to 4 tubes in your chest. This would help to drain and remove the fluid around the area of your chest.
  • There are going to be intravenous tubes that are going to provide you with fluids. There is going to be a thin tube in the bladder that does help to remove the urine
  • Machines are going to be attached that is going to monitor the condition of the heart. The nurses are going to there who are there to fulfil your needs
  • After the first night of the surgery you are going to remain in ICU and then moved over to a regular room for 7 days after the surgery.

Why India

Since most of the best hospital for heart valve transplant in India is found in this part of the world things become easy. The general notion among the masses is that with low cost you are going to be provided with inferior quality of treatment. But this is not the case with India as you can avail the best treatment in terms of cost and facilities. If you compare the cost of a heart surgery in India with the rest of the world you end up saving close to 40 % of the cost.

In addition India does provide an option of an ideal tourist destination. You can combine your medical trip with a beautiful visit to the wonderful tourist locations of the country.


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